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Winter holidays – useful thoughts and tips

Woohoo! You’ve been working hard all year, a slave to your job, be that mothering children (and husband!) or running global mega corporation, it is time for a winter holiday.

Depending on whether you are Helios (the Sun god) or Chione (the Snow goddess) or just plain old Bear Grylls, your holiday destination will be hot & sunny, cold & snowy or uncomfortable. Ok, that is a little simplified, but near enough true.

The good news for you Bear Grylls types though, is that you shouldn’t need much advance planning; the ticket sales for camping in a lizard infested swamp are pretty slow this year.

For all you others, you will fall in to one of two camps; you booked the holiday so long ago that you’ve nearly forgotten about it or you’ve yet to book it, why rush? You’re not going for another 30 hours.

Both plans CAN have advantages, equally, both can leave you wishing that just once, you’d listened to your other half.

(A friend works for an airline, she only ever goes standby; virtually no cost to fly anywhere offset by the fact that it took her 4 days to get home from her holiday).

Whether you are indeed a sun worshipping lounger lizard or a snowboarding hipster, a small amount of planning can be your saviour.

Plenty of internet sites are offering winter holiday deals; money off, reduced accommodation prices, all inclusive packages, 2 for 1 and all those special marketing ploys. Regardless of whether it is just marketing, generally speaking, it does work out a little cheaper to book a few months in advance.

General thoughts and tips for your holiday:

Is your passport up to date?

Prices have absolutely skyrocketed for passports. More so if you need one in a hurry, don’t be caught out. £128 for the ‘premium’ service and you still need to book!

What about your travel insurance?

Always have a shop around for travel insurance; the big insurance companies are finally cottoning on that it is easily and cheaply arranged online, their prices are coming down and service / cover is going up.


You may be in your holiday hi-jinx mood, but spare a thought for the airport staff, especially the ones that control the important bits; they are not generally known for their terrific sense of humour and any mention of illegal, explosive devices (whilst it may be the first time that day that YOU’VE heard it) will not be met all the receptively.

Don’t forget friends and family when at Duty Free; if they aren’t lucky enough to be going on holiday, give them a little winter cheer!

Finally, have a great holiday, we are ‘weljel’.

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