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Windscreen Replacement: How to replace your windscreen with minimum hassle

Being the owner of a car, apart from the pleasure of driving and utility of getting fast and in comfort to a destination, brings about duties and responsibilities. The first and most important one is to keep your vehicle in order. After all, pleasure and utility should not come at the expense of public and your own safety.

I recently needed to drive past a neighbourhood notorious for its gangs. I never imagined, however, that within 2 minutes while waiting for the lights to turn green a teenage trio would bat my windscreen off. They must have failed a test at school that day or their parents must have left them penniless for that or any other matter. Whatever that matter might be that day they completely changed my plans. With my windscreen chopped to a degree it was a tinge away from breaking into bits and pieces, I drove slower than a snail to make it home.

Taking the car from home

In this critical condition, I wouldn't dare to steer it to any workshop, be it two blocks away so I rushed to the Internet and started looking for a windscreen repair service which would take my car to the workshop and back. It appeared there are many. The service allows your car to be taken from your home or office. You can specify the time and even arrange the timing of its return back to you.

Prepare to wait for at least half a day

Naturally, you should not expect it back earlier than it is realistically feasible. The windscreen replacement procedure sees your seats and interior covered to prevent any glass in. Then your old windscreen is removed off and the frame is cleaned off the seals or bonding glue that keep it. Next, new bonding glue is applied and once the new windscreen is placed you should wait for at least an hour until it seals the windscreen tight into position. You should also be aware that a rare make and model of your car will also extend the waiting time until delivery of the windscreen that you need.


Good news for all who exercise reason and foresight! A full coverage car insurance or windscreen cover will zero your windscreen replacement costs which, otherwise, can be somewhat hefty (if for the sheer size of the part).

Autoglazing is an all-around specialist which has a full-suite of vehicle glass-related services. Take advantage of having an instant and non-binding quote by entering the make, model of your vehicle along with the type of glass you need.

Autoglass also touts a long list of glass repair and replacement services. You can book an appointment by phone or email. This award-winning team has UK-wide coverage and has experts who will take care of your insurance claim.

Auto Windscreens also has locations all over the UK. Glass repair and replacement experts are also environmentally sensitive in that they recycle 95% of the glass it replaces. They also try to minimise glass waste by replacing glass only as a measure of last resort.

How to take care of your windscreen?

- Use quality screen wash - be sure to top up regularly with good anti-freeze screen wash rather than using plain water. Most needed is during the winter and autumn months!

- Always switch off your wipers - wait for them to finish their move and switch them off. If they finish their move when you start the car - there may be dirt on the windscreen and they will only drag it around.

- If your windscreen can be repaired, you will get quicker back on the road.

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