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How Windows phones are taking on the world

You may think that Windows smart phones are somewhat of an underdog in terms of the smartphone market, and that they lag behind Apple and Android by a significant measure. However you’d be mistaken. Windows phones are coming into their own and are making surprising advances on their competitors. In this guide we look as some of the benefits of owning a Windows phone, and why now may be the time to buy one.

The benefits of owning a Windows phone

Windows may, at the moment, be lacking in the market share area, however they have one thing that is set to take the smart phone industry by storm, and that is a user experience like no other, they are completely unique when compared to the other smartphones on the market today.

So, what makes Windows smart phones so unique? Well they focus completely on how users interact with their phones. Their home screen boasts the new, Windows 8 grid that has become so widely regarded as the best change in Windows systems since Windows Vista. The grid allows the user to customise their features that are available at a touch of a button, and they update on the fly, so your link to your favourite newspaper is forever updating with the latest news. Additionally this means that you can flip from email to phone logs, from Twitter to LinkedIn and from text message to internet browsing in an instant.

The hardware is pretty impressive too, boasting retina screens, amazingly detailed megapixels for their cameras and an operating system that rivals Apple with ease. The range of Windows handsets continue to grow, and, whilst they all house these impressive features and the same efficient Windows system, the handset range means that there is something for everyone.

Why you should buy a Windows phone today

If you’ve previously not considered buying a Windows phone, now is the time to do so. Whilst you may be set in your ways and used to your current brand, you should explore the Windows offering before your smart phone habits become too ingrained.

Because of the smaller market share that Windows have currently, you can benefit from the great deals they have on offer today; in other words, buy now before the rest of the world catches up and Windows phones undergo inevitably price hikes.

Windows phones have much to offer many; whilst a Windows phone may not have been previously considered by you as a handset of choice, you’ll undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised by the advanced features and wonderful user experience they have to offer. Additionally, the hardware continues to advance, with Microsoft pumping in more investment than ever, the future is looking considerably brighter than Windows phones of old.

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