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Why will writing is so important

Will writing should form a vital ‘to do’ task on anyone’s list of life; yet so many people pass without having written one, leaving their family struggling with legal issues, or, worse still, seeing a person’s unclaimed estate go to the Government. In this guide we look at why will writing is so important, and the various factors that you should consider when writing one.

Why you should make a will

• Ensure that your family and/or friends have less of a burden;

• Ensure that any outstanding debts are paid and that the correct amounts of money and specific items will go to those you want them to;

• Protect any assets that you hold from unnecessary tax;

• Organise the way in which your care home fees will be paid should you require it (you should speak to a legal professional in relation to this).

Should you opt for self will writing or professional will writing?

Writing your own will can obviously be far cheaper than using a professional solicitor; however it is vital that you don’t miss out vital parts that may render your will invalid. You may wish to consider having it looked over by a professional once it’s complete, that way it is cheaper than using the full services of a solicitor, and won’t suffer from any mistakes. Conversely, by hiring a professional you can be sure that your will is 100% correct from the start.

Additional factors to bear in mind when writing a will

Do you want to leave money to a charity?

More and more people opt to leave a part of their estate to charity; this is the ultimate act of kindness, and your estate can live on long after you’ve passed. Even if you wish only to donate a small amount of money, charities are always grateful.

Be prepared

Many people put off making a will, as, let’s face it, it’s not the nicest thing to have to do; however by putting it off you could be leaving legal problems for your nearest and dearest. So get it done today, and then you can get on with enjoying life!

Have you thought about funeral expense?

If you’re ready to write your will, but haven’t as yet thought about funeral arrangements, now may be the time to do so. You can either dedicate money from your will, or, more practical still, you can arrange funeral cover; funeral cover sees that you pay the fees over a set amount of time. This is a popular choice for funeral arrangements as it means that a person’s loved ones need only worry about organising certain aspects.

If you’ve been considering writing a will but are yet to get round to it, then you should take action and start the process today. Whilst many want to put it off indefinitely, it is a task that needs to be undertaken. Do it today, and then get on with enjoying your wonderful life!

What makes your will legal?

To make sure that your will is valid and will be performed the way you want to, you have to fulfil the requirements below:

- be 18 or over

- write your will voluntarily

- be sane and of sound mind

- only a written version of your will will be fulfilled

- signed in the presence of 2 witnesses who are both over 18

- signed by your 2 witnesses, in your presence

If the above are not fulfilled, you risk your will become invalid.

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