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Buyer's Guide To Wheelchairs: What to look for when buying wheelchairs

To make full use of life, you need to be on the move. You need movement to get to the other room within your home, or outside to the street, to the shop or park. Even if with impaired mobility, you need it.

Wheelchairs are an excellent tool to empowering disabled persons with your fully-fledged mobility and choosing the right wheelchair for them is of key importance.

Determine your needs

First, you need to determine whether you would be using the wheelchair all the time or just part of the time. If full time, then you should orient toward buying either mechanical or electric wheelchairs. If just for moving from one place to another, you'd rather set your eyes onto the transit wheelchair range, and light-weight if possible.

Footrests and arms

While you do need the basic construction, namely a seat along with handles, you have the footrests and arms as extras. As a rule, if the wheelchair is used permanently, these are mandatory accessories to ensure user comfort. If for moving from one place to another and if the distances are short, you may well do without them.

Folding or not

Folding wheelchairs are the best solution for users on a temporary basis. Using, then folding and hiding in the wardrobe or any other special storage compartment is simply convenient. Those in permanent use do not need this functionality, unless you have bought this wheelchair as a backup option in case your main wheelchair breaks.

Electric or mechanical

If to be used for walks in the park and why not for shopping, then an electric wheelchair could be your excellent open-door companion. While a bit more expensive, it will make a beautiful reality walks to remote places all on your own, for musing and simply delighting at the scenery around.

Types of wheelchairs

- All terrain wheelchairs - they have large inflated tyres to make movement easier and more comfortable for the user.

- Airplane wheelchairs - smaller and much lighter therefore used by the airlines but totally acceptable to use them on a daily basis as well.

- Beach wheelchairs - very light with hollow PVC or aluminium tubes and big wheels to make movement on the sand easier.

- Bariatric wheelchairs - sturdier frame and larger seats for users with a higher BMI.

- Ergonomic wheelchairs - good lumbar support

- Pediatric wheelchairs - designed for kids

- Reclining wheelchairs - great comfort, could be used as a recliner or even for a nap

- Sports wheelchairs - they have larger rear wheels allowing the user to make easier turns and speedier movements.

- Standing wheelchairs - they transform easy from sitting to standing position.


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At Amazon, you get close to 10,000 models waiting for your attention. Apply the filters and choose only the brand that you need, only the price range that you can afford.

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