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Turkey Visa

Utilising the internet is a holidaymaker’s survival kit to snapping the cheapest flights are booked, convenient hotels are found and online booking are completed in advance. It comes to no surprise that many countries’ visa application are shifting from the traditional humdrum process of endless forms towards the convenience of the internet. Turkey’s Foreign Government decision to introduce an electronic visa (e-Visa) will allow tourists the chance to complete their visa application through a self explanatory online form, with a small £10 fee, and expect to receive their visa instantly. This time effective method will allow travellers to indulge their time researching the country’s east meets west attractions, finger licking food and notorious weather.

Eligibility and Criteria

Turkey’s e-Visa is eligible to over 50 countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada and USA. Tourists who wish to apply must ensure that all passports or travel documents are valid for at least 6 months before arrival date and valid for a further 60 days after the departure date. Additionally, passport holders must provide a minimum of one blank page for a visa stamp. Those who are unable to provide this will receive an ‘entry-exit form’ which must be present during the duration of your stay in Turkey and available to boarder officers when leaving. Applicants are able to apply 3 months prior to arrival date. Unlike other electronic visas, Turkeys’ e-Visa flexibility allows the opportunity of multiple stays for up to 90 days in a 180 day period.


Applicants are able to complete the visa application through the official Republic of Turkey e-Visa website. Although British passport holders only have to provide their full name, passport details and contact information, other nationalities may need to provide additional requirements. The e-Visa costs $20 USD (£13 depending on the daily exchange rate) which can be paid using a credit or debit card. Successful applicants will receive their visa via email. It is advisable to carry both a hard copy and soft copy of the e-visa when passing through Turkey’s Boarder Controls.

Tips and Advice

It is critical to use the government’s official site as the counterfeit website has been known to charge applicants for further information, application fee and provide fake visas. If visitors are unable to apply for the e-Visa before their arrival date, Turkish airports, including Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, provides self servicing e-Visa kiosk and WI-Fi area to allow visitors to apply on arrival using their own devices. Visitors wishing to stay longer can apply a long term visa instead.

If your visa has expired - you have to wait 180 days from your entry date in the country before applying for a new one. Keep in mind that you can stay in Turkey a maximum of 90 days in every 180 days. Make sure that you don't overstay your visa as you may get banned or deported from the country.

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