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Travel Insurance

Many people don't bother to take out travel insurance before jetting off to sunnier climates, but whether you're planning on backpacking around China for a month or spending a week on a beach in Spain with the family, you can't afford to be without insurance. Take a few minutes to read our practical guide to travel insurance to see what it can do for you.

Not all Insurers are Created Equal

It’s important to shop around when looking for travel insurance online. Ideally you want around £10 million worth of medical cover, in case you have an accident or are injured whilst abroad, but you should also have cover for cancellation or curtailment of your travel plans, and luggage/personal possessions cover. It’s easy to find basic single-trip travel insurance online for less than £5 per person, although it often works out cheaper to take out a family policy if you’re travelling with children.

Check your Cover

Make sure that you check any insurance you take covers you for your country or countries of travel. Not all insurance will cover you for exotic locations or travel to the USA or Canada, so you need to make sure you have worldwide travel insurance if you’re heading anywhere far-flung. Some insurers will offer free insurance for children, so look out for these deals when browsing online. You should consider taking multi-trip or annual travel insurance if you’re going to be travelling more than once this year – annual cover will provide cover for up to 365 days, no matter how many trips you take.

Optional Extras

When buying your travel insurance, look out for companies which offer optional extras – many insurers will offer add-ons so that you can tailor your policy to suit your needs. For example, if you’re going skiing, then winter sports cover is a great add-on. For those who are travelling with their E-reader, digital camera, MP3 player and smartphone, gadget cover is advised, to protect your gadgets should they be damaged or stolen. It’s even possible to find specialist cover for extreme sports, backpackers or older travellers, so you can ensure you have the right type of cover no matter what adventures you’re planning on holiday!

When you consider the high costs of medical treatment abroad, it makes sense to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance to protect yourself and your family should the worst happen. The last thing you want is for worries to spoil your holiday, and with travel insurance from a reputable provider, all it takes is a quick phone call to start your claim.


One-week trip in the UK costs around £3, if you are travelling anywhere in Europe the price comes up to £5 for the week. If you need a worldwide policy, you could get cover for as little as £10 for the week.

If you travel quite often - you might consider annual or multi-trip travel insurance policy. European cover will cost for £9 per year, on average, and worldwide policy will be around £17.

The prices above are just estimates and are subject to change in individual circumstances.

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