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Tethering sim only – The mobile package of choice

Tethering sim only deals are becoming increasingly popular, but for the many, these words may mean nothing at all. For anyone less than technology savvy, this guide will talk you through what tethering sim only really is, why so many people are taking these packages up, and what the benefits of such a package are.

What are tethering sim only packages?

To explain what tethering sim only packages are, we need to look at the two aspects that make up these mobile phone deals. The first, the tethering part, is where you can tether any internet enabled device to your mobiles internet data. In short this means that your iPad (or laptop, or wireless enabled computer) can ‘hook up’ to your mobile, and run its internet through it.

The second part, the ‘sim only’ aspect, is where mobile phone contracts only supply the sim, this means that you don’t get the actually phone handset to go along with it.

Why are so many people taking up tethering sim only deals?

People are taking up tethering sim only packages because many do not want to switch from the handset they have at the moment, or may not wish to pay an additional fee for a handset they don’t want. Additionally, tethering provides a good alternative to those that can’t afford broadband.

The benefits of tethering sim only packages

The benefits of tethering sim only packages are based around convenience and cost. In terms of convenience, they allow the consumer to keep their handset, or not have to purchase a particular handset that they don’t want. Additionally, because they allow consumers to tether any device they want, they benefit from being able to use free internet from anywhere where they have reception.

Tethering sim only packages additionally benefit from a lower monthly cost. This is because the service provider deems them to be of a lower risk than those provided with a handset, and, when compared to monthly broadband charges (which can be a considerable amount) they seem like an even better deal than at first sight.

Best deals for tethering on sim only for 2020

-Three - 100GB Advanced Plan with 30GB for tethering only. This plus unlimited minutes and texts comes up to £25 per month on a 12 month contract.

- EE - 4G Multi SIM with 30GB and all of it can be used for tethering. The plan comes with unlimited minutes and texts for £25 per month on a 12 month contract.

-Vodafone - Red Entertainment - this plan comes with 50GB data and all of it can be used for tethering. The price come up to £30 per month on a 12 month contract with unlimited minites and texts.

- O2 - 50GB plan - with 50GB data, unlimited texts and minutes and all the other tickets and free wifi that O2 is offering, you wouldn't hesitate much to go for this plan. It costs £29 per month.

With the unlimited data usage of most of these packages, people are able to use their tethering sim in their handset of choice for their home internet usage. In fact, they are able to enjoy this internet service across multiply devices with no downgrade in speed whatsoever. This can all make one wonder why they would even need to pay for a separate, home internet package. Tethering sim only packages continue to increase in popularity, and no wonder, given the convenience and cost effective factors of taking up such a deal, it doesn’t look like this increase in use will end any time soon.

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