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Buyer’s Guide to Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary van insurance is a great, cost effective approach to providing coverage on a vehicle for a short period of time, generally speaking from 1 to 28 days. This type of insurance eliminates the need for a long term full coverage policy, and is also separate from a person’s regular car insurance policy, making it ideal in a number of different situations, as discussed in this guide. Read on to find out what scenarios temporary insurance is best suited for, and how to secure the best rate possible.

Uses for Temporary Van Insurance

There are many situations in which there is no use for a long term insurance policy, therefore having the option of temporary coverage is ideal, such as when moving house and renting a vehicle to haul your possessions. We often only have moving vehicles rented for a day or two's time, and using temporary coverage to protect the van and contents is a cost effective way of providing protection.

When covering a motor home for a holiday or travel it is a good idea to use temporary coverage, as the rest of the year the motor home sits idle, making it wasteful to have it insured year round.

Temporary insurance is also suitable when renting a car, allowing you to pay for insurance on that specific car, for only the length of the rental to minimise expenses. Lending or borrowing a vehicle from family or friends is another suitable use, as it can guarantee nobody’s individual insurance policy is affected in case of incident.

Classic car owners find temporary insurances useful because these cars are almost never exposed to harsh elements, and some are only on the road for shows and exhibition events, therefore only requiring insurance for a handful of days a year.

What the Policy Covers

Although it is important to check the details and read the fine of print of the specific policy you select, temporary insurance protects the driver by covering loss or damage to vehicle as a result of theft, fire or accident, repair services, replacement of vehicle if required and any legal liability expenses incurred as a result of incident. Contents of the vehicle can also be optionally covered, including tools, equipment, electronics and more.

Important Information

There are a few basic points to keep in mind when arranging temporary van insurance. First being that a major advantage of having this additional coverage on top of your regular insurance policy means that in the event of a claim your primary policy will be unaffected and your insurance rates and discounts remain unscathed.

Coverage is available immediately after payment is received, and can be arranged in just minutes online or via telephone, with certificates being issued immediately after payment is made and the insurance provider registers the policy with the motor insurance database.

Temporary insurance policies are available to anyone between the ages of 21-75, who holds a valid license and is living in the EU, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The price of the policy depends mainly on 3 things:

- The van itself - year of registration, size, use

- You - age, driving experience, driving history

- How long is the policy going to last - the longer the policy, the costlier.

You can even use this cover to drive in Europe but check with the provider first.

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