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Temporary Car Insurance: Secure Cheap Temporary Car Insurance with No Deposit

For some reason I thought it might be fun to own a silly 2 seater sports car, and I didn't even give it a second thought as to what might happen if I really needed to transport more one person other than myself. Initially I think that was the draw, not having to take my friend's home of a night but my car is quite useless if I want to take more than one person with me anywhere.

Luckily for me my parents own a large Ford Kuga which I can borrow every now and then if I need a larger car like if I go fishing or decide to take some friends away with me for the weekend. Getting access to a car is no problem but am I actually insured to drive it? Fully comprehensive insurance usually covers you to drive other peoples cars but only if the engine size is smaller than that of the original car. My mum's engine is significantly larger than mine so if I want to take it out for the day I will need to get temporary car insurance to cover me for the day. Everyone knows where to buy insurance for their cars but not many people know about temporary car insurance.

The first port of call for me was to visit the old price comparison sites as I have no idea what prices to expect when buying temporary car insurance. After putting in my mum's car details and a few personal details I received quotes from 3 different companies ranging from £35 per day to £55. The one good thing about MoneySupermarket's quotes is the day slider at the bottom so I can affect update my quotes when I change the amount of days I wanted it for. The cheapest daily quote I received was for £35 but if I changed the insurance to three days the daily rate went down to £23. In essence, the longer you have the car, the cheaper the daily insurance premium should be. The Compulsory Excess of this insurance was £375 which means if I damaged my mums car, I would have to pay the first £375 of the bill before the insurance paid the rest. £375 excess is by far the best offer I received as the other two (more expensive quotes) had an excess of £500.

From my research at Money Supermarket I can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £35 per day with an excess of £375. The next step for me is to use my old friend Google to find temporary car insurers who do not use price comparison engines to generate their sales. MoneySupermarket and the others charge insurers for every sale they produce so you can always get a better deal if you go directly to them.

There are a number of players in the temporary car insurance market, namely DayInsure.com, TempCover.com & InsureDaily.com. DayInsure was the first site I checked and after filling out their simple web form, they told me they were unable to insure me on this car. They did not give me a reason; they simply said they would not do it. I am 27 years old now, I thought my boy racer days were over but it seems DayInsure were not too sure about that. Maybe I will have more luck with TempCover.com with their price guarantee. Upon inspection, TempCover seems to use the same service as MoneySupermarket as the results look suspiciously the same.But on an up note, they did provide me with a better quote of £29.81 with a compulsory excess of £375 which is marginally better than before. Finally we come to InsureDaily, whose website is a little out dated but hopefully we will find ourselves a decent quote, aside from the fact that they do not have a registration plate checker (which makes the signup process a lot more difficult) they came back with a quote for £28.10 but with an excess of £750. For the sake of £1, I think I will stick to the temporary car insurance from TempCover.com as the excess is only £375. If this article has taught me anything it is how to shop around to get the best deal, and the best deal might not always be the cheapest.

Advantages of temporary car insurance

- The biggest advantage that this policy doesn't have any impact on the vehicle's NCD.

- Quick and easy solution when you need car insurance for a short time. If you decide to add a second driver on an annual policy, it will be much more hassle.

- Easy to add additional drivers to the policy.

- Instant cover - once you pay for the insurance, it becomes instantly valid from the moment you have chosen as a start.

- Flexibility - you can insure a different car when the policy ends or extend it.

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