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Stop Smoking

Ready for the stop smoking challenge?

The days when, however unwholesome, smoking was the fad which automatically pushed non-smokers to the outsiders' squad are long gone. As time has repeatedly shown it is fickle, the trend has overturned and has left hundreds of millions people mulling how to quit this nasty habit. Myself a former smoker, I know well the pull and grip and yearning for a ciggie. Just like hunger or thirst or infatuation with someone, they can pervade your dreams and become your first thought upon wake-up.

That very thought of having become obsessed created that obstinate determination to get things back into control. I started asking, reading, watching to see what can help me in that tough uneven battle with addiction.

Gums, patches

The easiest way to start is with gums and patches. Manufacturers have rightly figured out that the dose-subsiding approach might help already addicted people slowly get off the hook. While gums and patches (placed anywhere on your body) offer you small doses of nicotine, you slowly get out of the mechanical habit of puffing while keeping your hand and mouth busy.

Electronic cigarettes? No!

Do not, however, place electronic cigarettes into the same smoking cessation aids lot. While they used to be there for quite a while because they use a slightly different mechanism, it turned out that they have just as much nicotine as conventional cigarettes.

Hypnosis, CDs, groups

Many believe it is difficult to stop smoking without external help. Some can resort to hypnosis to subconsciously encode a repulsion toward smoking. While a bit alternative, it might be worth trying. Others believe the core problem is in the conscious or, put even simpler, in the mind. Hence, they believe CDs with testimonials and anti-smoking techniques or yet attending groups of people willing to quit smoking might spearhead their march to ultimate rescue.

Radical treatment

Yet another unconventional method is the treatment available at the Stop Smoking Center. You need two sessions at most. It works as follows: it is believed that substances, the source of your addition, vibrate at a certain frequency. With the treatment and with the help of electrodes, you get vibrations of the same frequency but with an opposite sign; hence, neutralising its addictive force. It is claimed to have a 90% success rate after the first session and up to 95% after the second one. Amazing, isn't it?

At the site of Nicorette, you enter the domain of an anti-smoking leader. Apart from gums and patches, you can buy here inhalators, nazal sprays and microtabs. Check which one can work best for you.

With Smoke Free you have all the ways to quit at your disposal, along with testimonials, advice and much more awaiting to convert your anti-smoking urge into a doable strategy.

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