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A parking guide for Stansted airport

We all know that parking at airports can be one of the biggest headaches (and expenses) of a nice week or two in the sun.

It seems that the airports are finally getting round to offering a better service and price for those people that are forced to park there.

Pre-booking can save you up to 70% on the parking cost, it also guarantees you a space and rather remarkably, can be pre-booked up to as little as two hours before.

Current services

Stansted offer a good range of services; long stay, mid stay, short stay, meet &greet, valet and jet parks.

Other than prices, the differences between the long, mid, short and jet parks are distance from the airport terminal;from a ten minute bus ride to just a short walk.

The free courtesy buses run approximately every ten to fifteen minutes and will drop you at the forecourt of the terminal.

The meet & greet service effectively means that you can pull into the car park, abandon your car and throw the keys at someone in a hi-vis jacket to go and park properly for you.

Your car will remain in that car park.

If you are feeling exceptionally important, rich or just a little worn out from the journey, the valet parking is for you. Allowing you to leave the car at the terminal forecourt, you don’t even have to bother getting to the car park!

This does also have the added bonus of ‘FastTrack’ through the security checks for up to four people as well though.

Length of stay

Long term; ideal for a week or two, these car parks are just a ten minute bus ride away from the main airport site.

Mid-term; aimed at the shorter stay and the more cost conscious business traveller. These car parks are five minutes away from the terminal.

Short term; much more expensive, but they are just a short walk from the terminal.


All car parks are well maintained and have security systems in place; ParkMark®, CCTV and regular patrols. All of their drivers are fully comprehensive insured, and the car parks even have systems in place to scan the condition of your car on entry, meaning that any damage to your car whilst in their care will be easily proven.

Whilst security is good, leaving your big bag of swag in full view for any length of time is just asking for trouble. Equally, many satellite navigation systems have a built in ‘home’ button on them, nothing could be more inviting to a thief than directions to your empty house, especially whilst they just happen to have your flashy car to use as well.

Cheapest car parks in Stansted Airport

1. Stansted Jet Parks - it's 15 min away on a regular shuttle. It costs on average £44 for a week to leave your car there.

2. Stansted Official Long Stay - it's 10 minutes with a shuttle and it costs £49 on average for a week.

3. Stansted Official Mid Stay - 5 min away from the airport and it costs £54 on average for a week.

4. Stansted My CSL Park and Ride - 5 min ride from terminal and it costs £55 per the week.

5. Stansted Bubble Park & Ride - 3 min from the airport and it costs £57 per week on average.

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