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Why river cruises are the best holidays in the world

River cruise holidays continue to grow in popularity; in fact, they are widely regarded as the fastest growing area of the tourist market, particularly within the British Cruise market. There are many reasons why this area is seeing a surge in interest, and in this guide we’ll look at just a few of them.

The benefits of river cruises

River cruises offer one of the widest range of destinations; not only are there many rivers to explore, but the nature of river cruising provides holiday goers with one of the most interesting mediums of seeing the world.

By choosing a river cruise as your holiday of choice, you get to explore the cities and countries like never before. Travelling through the very heart of countries by river allows you to experience major cities, as well as smaller, more rural regions. Cruising allows you to explore on foot all the areas have to offer in terms of culture and authentic experiences; because of the leisurely rate of a cruise, you won’t need to rush around regions to see all that you want to see.

Cruising by river provides passengers with a unique view of a country, a view that cannot be gained by any other method of transportation or exploration. See beautiful riverbank villages and wonderful parts of nature in all its glory.

The sea vessels of today that provide river cruises are more advanced than ever, ensuring that people who previously weren’t able to travel by ‘boat’ can now benefit from a journey of a lifetime, free from sea sickness. Indeed, river cruise vessels have surpassed their predecessors by a merry mile, and today offer cruises in the lap of luxury.

By far the most popular river cruises are those that are undertaken in Europe; however it is other, more exotic rivers that are often touted as the most interesting and luxurious. Rivers such as the Nile in Egypt, the Mekong River in Cambodia and the Yangtze in China all offer breath taking experiences.

In addition to the unique experience that river cruises offer, they are also much calmer than the usual package holiday. Once on board, all your needs are taken care of, from room service to luxurious dining, the ease of river cruising is certainly a big draw for many.

Top 5 European river cruises for 2020

- Tulip cruises - ideal cruise for springtime to enjoy the view of tulips in Belgium and the Netherlands.

- Douro cruises - enjoy Lisbon, Porto and loads of wine. This cruise is especially for wine lovers as you will get to see the oldest wine regions in the world.

- Moselle cruises - enjoy great architecture in the rivers of France, Belgium and Luxembourg with a glass of white wine in your hand.

- Main cruises - Main is one of the most cruised rivers in Germany. The cruise can be extended to Danube or Rhine river.

- Danube cruises - the Danibe river flows through 10 countries so you are sure to get amazing views.

Through looking at the nature of river cruises it is easy to see why so many people are choosing this method of holidaying. Where once river cruises were the remit of only the rich and famous, today the increasing availability of such holidays mean that they are becoming ever more affordable. With such impressive experiences on offer, river cruises truly are the best holidays in the world.

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