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One Week Car Insurance: Protect Yourself for Less with One Week Car Insurance

Whilst most car insurance policies are for a minimum 12 month period, it's possible to find temporary car insurance for a week or month, which will cover you if you're using a car for a shorter period of time and don't want to commit to a longer policy. Why not take a few moments to read our helpful guide to one week car insurance, to see if this product is the right choice for you.

Why Take Temporary Car Insurance?

There are a number of reasons why you might find yourself in need of temporary car insurance; these include:

• Visiting friends or family and using their vehicle for the week;

• Borrowing a friend’s vehicle whilst yours is being repaired;

• Borrowing a larger car for a family holiday to ensure you have enough space for the kids and the luggage;

Sharing a long drive with a friend;

Moving house and using a friend or family member’s vehicle for the day.

The list of reasons goes on, but whatever your reasons, you need a short term policy which will provide you with cover for a week or even a month. Most short term car insurance providers will allow up to 28 days of cover, but it may be possible to reduce your premium by taking out the exact length of policy you need, for example one week.

What to Watch out for

When choosing an insurer, always make sure you read the small print. If you’re borrowing a friend or family member’s vehicle, ensure that the short term insurance won’t affect their no claims bonus – this significantly reduces the cost of their premium when they renew their regular car insurance at the end of the year. Many providers offer extras such as cover for travelling in Europe (ideal if you’re taking out one week car insurance for your holiday), temporary breakdown cover or cover for business use.

Don’t Cut Corners

It can be all too easy to think that just because you’re borrowing or using a car for a short period of time, you don’t need insurance. The costs incurred if you’re involved in an accident could be astronomical, not to mention the legal implications of driving without insurance in place. You could be fined as much as £1,000 and the car could be clamped or seized and disposed of! Because you probably don’t want to have to explain to your friend where their car has gone, it’s best to make sure you take out one week car insurance to protect yourself in all eventualities!

Factors affecting the cost of your 7-day car insurance quote

- Driving licence and history - how long you had the licence for and if you had any accidents or convictions

- Your age - the older you are, the cheaper the price

- Model of the car - the car's price is related to all insurance policies as it is with this one

- Where you live - if you live in a dagerous area expect a higher quote.

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