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One Way Car Hire: Hiring a car one way

Car rental companies, especially regional and global ones, have reached to such lengths that now many of us can dub a journey with their car a paragon of pleasure and comfort. Why? For one, you can set off from multiple locations within a city of choice and end in just as many locations, within or outside a country. You can choose the make, model and age of the car you will drive. You can also extend the car rental period, have car delivery at your door and last but not least, you can hire a car and depart on an one-way journey. What do you need to know to have a pleasant and predictable drive?

Where to demarcate

Usually, when filling out the quote, you will find fields for pickup and dropoff locations. Other providers the one-way trip with a tick next to which reads the following text: "Dropoff at different/same location?".

Different rate in different countries

If your one-way trip traverses national boundaries, make sure that you are aware of daily car rental fees for each country you will be visiting. The rule is that countries of higher standard will require higher daily rates. The good news is that the car rental companies charge the highest rates in the UK. This means that to make your journey more cost efficient, request your lower rates once crossing the UK border.

Eliminate hidden costs

Quite a few hidden costs emerge should you amend or cancel your booking within 48 hours from departure. What is more, you might be charged hefty fees for your credit card transaction. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surcharges, do check for these details beforehand.

Factors affecting your car hire price

- Location where you are renting and leaving the car. Some locations are counted as premium locations and it costs more to get a car hired there.

- Dates and how long for you are renting the car

- Booking in advance will save you money

- Type of car you choose

- Car insurance - you can buy it yourself or use the one suggested by the car hire company

- Extras to go alongside your rental such as car seats, sat-nav, etc.

- Your age and personal details - driving licence, how long you had it for, any accidents, etc.

Check for discounts

A number of car rental brands are fighting for your attention and to you this means a few pounds off your standard price in loyalty rewards. See which brands offer it and look for the discount fields available in the car rental booking forms of car rental retailers.


With Rentalcars [dot] com, make sure you remove the tick Return to the same place in the form to ensure the car rental provider knows your plans to drive one-way only. Review, compare and select among the offers of providers of repute.

Auto & Europe has rates starting from £7 a day. Here also do not forget to untick the Drop off at a different location? box.

At Avis, you have the chance to claim a discount voucher and travel a few dozen miles for free. Check for the terms and conditions, see if you are eligible and, if yes, just go for it!

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