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Nutribullet: A Guide to the Latest Healthy Eating Craze

Healthy eating has become a lifestyle essential in recent years. Nutritionists, doctors, sports coaches and even Government officials emphasise the importance of a balanced diet low in fat and sugar but high in fibre and vitamins. We’re reminded regularly to eat our “five a day” and to avoid too many take-outs and convenience foods.

It’s all good advice in theory but can be hard to put into practice, particularly if you have a busy lifestyle. It’s much easier to pop a ready meal into the microwave than to cook a chicken breast and prepare a salad and, if we’re honest, it’s sometimes tastier!

However, there are products on the market to aid us in our healthy eating quest. They can make the preparation of healthy and nutritious food quicker and easier and also help to maximise the taste so that healthy eating becomes a pleasure instead of a chore.

What is Nutribullet?

One such product is Nutribullet. It’s similar to a blender or juicer but claims to break down the foods much more, extracting all the useful nutrients and producing delicious smoothies and soups.

It looks like a blender but uses a process the product manufacturers call “nutrition extraction”. This means that, unlike blenders or juicers, the Nutribullet will break down every part of the fruit or vegetable, extracting every available drop of nutrition and blending even stems, skins and seeds into the smoothie so there’s no waste. These hard to break down bits of vegetables and fruits are often left aside by standard blenders and juicers but they still contain useful nutrition.

The Nutribullet is different thanks to its powerful motor and bullet cyclonic action. This forces all parts of the fruit and veg through the machine’s turbo extractor blades which whizz round at an amazing 20,000 RPM. Every seed, skin cell and stem gets thoroughly pulverised, resulting in the most nutritious home-made smoothies possible.

The Nutribullet Range

There are three levels of Nutribullets to choose from, depending on your personal requirements. The original Nutribullet, which has a 600 watt motor, is a perfect introduction to healthy eating and is still the best selling model. It can make 18oz and 24oz cups and each smoothie or “Nutriblast” contains five servings of fruit and vegetables, the daily recommended minimum.

The Nutribullet Pro has a more powerful 900 watt motor and offers a 32oz cup size as well as the smaller cups. It also has a flip top lid if you want to take your smoothie to go. The manufacturers recommend this model for people with an active lifestyle.

The top level Nutribullet is the RX model, which claims to have the best-in-class nutrition extraction. Its 1700 watt motor helps to produce 30oz and 45oz cups with each “Nutriblast” containing 12 fruit and veg servings. As an extra feature the RX model has a heater, meaning it can produce hot soups and sauces as well as smoothies.

The Nutribullet range doesn’t stop there. The Nutribullet Baby helps to produce healthy and nutritious baby food and the Dessert Bullet creates healthy and delicious desserts from fruits and flavourings. All the Nutribullet products come with a recipe book to get you started.

Important rules when using Nutribulllet

1. Never overfill the cup - don't go above the "max" mark as you may get a leak.

2. Don't run the motor for more than 40 seconds at a time - if you continue above the time limit, you may cause the Nutribullet to overheat.

3. Don't put hot liquids in the Nutribullet - the cup is made of plastic and is not designed to handle hot or boiling liquids.

4. Don't use carbonated drinks to blend in your Nutribullet - the gas in them may cause the cup to burst.

Where to Buy Nutribullet

Nutribullet is available online at the manufacturers’ website and also as it is stocked in many large retailers you can find it in their stores and on their websites. The fact that it is so widely available works to your advantage, shop around and compare different outlets as you could find one with a special offer of bundle offer that includes additional items like extra discs, cups or recipe books.

Our recommendation is the Nutribullet Pro, its offers excellent performance at reasonable price of around £130.00.

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