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Nano Sim Cards: Buying a Nano SIM

Little wonder the iPhone / smartphone craze is on for years now. To keep the heat on, new generations keep sprouting once every few months. And with each release, we need an update of all that goes that goes with them, SIM cards included. This means that buying an iPhone 5 or the latest smartphone of, say, Samsung is not enough. We are not to get it going with a regular SIM card, nor even a micro SIM, but only with the tiniest SIM card edition - the nano SIM.

About 40% smaller and thinner than the micro SIM, it indeed is built to suit the SIM card slot of the latest mobile gadget only. Phones that use the nano sim card are phones from the Samsung Galaxy J range, iPhone 7, Google Pixel, Huawei P9, Moto Z and Galaxy S7.

Plans like all other

Size and compatibility being the main points of distinction from its counterparts, nano SIMs are no different in terms of payment plans and availability with the individual mobile network operators. You can buy nano SIM only with no strings attached. You can buy it with a subscription plan or yet can opt for a top-up plan.


There are, however, options which can pair your nano SIM card purchase with the phone for which it is intended. In a bid to win you over, you can get striking price discounts for either of the gadgets. They can come both in the form of a smaller price per unit or as cost-downsized subscription plans which get ever more attractive as the term of your commitment grows.

Buying several nano-SIMs at a time

As an extension of the above, buying two or three nano- SIM cards and have them stocked with a long-term subscription plan can give you tangible cuts off your monthly payments. There are 3 SIM card plans which for just £20 can give you about 12GB of Internet browsing, thousands of texts and just as many minutes of calls free.

With O2 you have get a nano-SIM along with excellent plans of up to £30 a month. This most expensive plan gives you unlimited texts and calls along with 20 GB of browsing on the Internet. For its part, the cheaper plan worth £10 a month can give you unlimited texts and calls and 3GB data.

3 has kept the doors wide open for owners of nano-SIM cards. You can subscribe to all plans available within the network. What is more, you can get a rolling contract which will renew every month unless you back out, the cheapest plan starting at 600 minutes.

At MoneySuperMarket, you get access to all SIM card offers on the UK market. Whether Virgin Mobile, Vodafone or Orange, they all have a nano-SIM card on offer along with the lucrative offer ready to deny the ones of rivals.

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