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A traveller’s guide to Luton parking

For those who are going on holiday very often the charges of airport parking is an unavailable cost. It is however a cost that is necessary if you’re to have the convenience of using the airport of your choice and the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe whilst you’re away enjoying your holiday.

If you’re travelling from Luton airport then this guide we tell you all you need to know in relation to using their secure car parks.

How Luton parking works

Luton airport offers travellers the option to arrive up to one hour before their booking time, which is perfect for the nervous traveller who travels in good time to ensure they don’t see any issues that makes them late.

You can book your car park space at Luton car park through their online booking form, this guarantees you a secure car park space that is monitored by guards, ringed with fences and recorded by CCTV 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Meet and greet valet service

If you want to avoid the extra hassle of checking into the parking then you can book in with Luton car park's premium meet and great value service. This is the only service of its kind in any London based airport and allows you to drop your car at the car park near to your terminal. Upon arrival back in your country you’ll be glad to know that your car will be ready and waiting right outside the terminal. For this service you should expect to pay anything upwards of £46. This service proves to be rather popular so book well in advance.

The importance of security

You may have seen that there are websites out there that offer the rental of private driveways near Luton airport. You need to consider however that whilst this may be the cheaper option it is far from secure and you should really use the airport’s official car park for ultimate peace of mind.

How much you should expect to pay

Car park prices vary for Luton airport car parks, however they can range from as little as £3.19 per day which is a pretty good rate as far as airport car parks go.

Best Car Parks at Luton Airport

- Luton Airport Pink Parking Non-Flexible - with approximately 10 mins on a regular shuttle and and average price of £23 per 7 days, it makes sense that is one of the most preferred car parks.

- APH Luton - regular shuttles are available here as well and only 10 mins from the airport. It costs £33 on average for 7 days.

- Luton Airparks Services - 15 minutes on a shuttle and it costs £36 on average for 7 days.

- Luton Mid Term Parking - 5 mins on a shuttle. It is based on the airport but still not within a walking distance. Cost for 7 days is £48 on average.

- Luton 247 Airport Parking - Meet and Greet - this service is on the airport, you just leave your car there. The price for 7 days is £50 on average.

Not leaving important items in your car

All airport car parks are extremely secure. They use guards, fully monitored CCTV and pretty high fencing to ensure intruders are put off even attempting to break in. With all that said however you should never consider an airport carpark entirely safe. Be sure to avoid leaving possessions in your car, particularly ones of high value, and if you do need to leave belongings in your vehicle then be sure to lock them away out of sight.

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