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Flying from London to Venice

Genteel, charming, romantic: Venice has long had a reputation as something of a couple's retreat, but don't forget it's also a bustling modern city as well as one of the world's great heritage sites.

Participating airlines

Heathrow: British Airways

Gatwick: British Airways, easyJet, Thomson Airways

Stanstead: RyanAir

Venice tends to connote luxury and expense, but the budget carriers do facilitate flights from London at a fairly reasonable cost. It's long been said that the downside of discount flights is that they have an unfortunate habit of abruptly dumping you a few miles outside your preferred destination - and this is disappointingly true in the case of Venice.

Fly with British Airways and your drop off point will be the Marco Polo Airport, just a few miles north of the city - this means you don't waste any precious holiday time stuck in a coach or trying to navigate the busy traffic. easyJet and RyanAir will take you to Treviso Airport, which is roughly three times further away (around 20 miles in total). Although there is a bus link to the city, it's far from ideal.

Touching down

Marco Polo is one of Italy's busiest airports, so navigating the terminals at touch down (and take off) can be a little hectic. In order to cut costs, your best bet is getting the train from Venice Mestre into the city centre (there's also a bus service and a generous taxi fleet on standby, but fares in Venice are not cheap).

If you land at Treviso you will likely have to use the bus service unless you're renting directly from the aiport. The drive to Venice usually takes around 45 minutes - traffic permitting.

Price guide

When it comes to dining and accommodation, Venice is one of Europe's most expensive cities, so saving some pennies on the cost of your flight is an absolute must.

Skyscanner reported a cheapest fare of £30 for 2016 - this kind of rate is usually associated with discount carriers around the winter months. Venice is a city best experienced in the sunshine but tickets hit their peak price in July and August (it can cost you as much as £100 for a one-way flight).

A good tip is to try to find a package deal for travel and accommodation if you're planning on staying for more than a week. Although the flight itself will be more expensive you may end up making some savings on your holiday as a whole (trust us, Venice will not be kind on your credit card). For weekend trips, you're better off booking independently.

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