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Leaflet Printing

The rise of online marketing means that more traditional advertising techniques have largely fallen out of favour in the UK. And yet there remains no way better way of raising brand awareness in your local community than going door to door with a stack of leaflets.

There's just one snag: the cost. Printing and distributing professional looking leaflets - particularly on a large scale - can blow a huge hole in your company's marketing budget. That's why it's important you put your faith in a service you can rely on.

But first, some tips on designing an eye-catching leaflet...

1. Stick to two or three colours, max.

Going crazy with colour is always a temptation when you sit down to design your first business leaflet, but there's a reason most of the world's leading brands favour a more stripped-back style.

2. Get to the point.

This mostly depends on the type of leaflet you plump for, but more often than not the best approach is to keep things short and sweet. Prospective client may only take one or two glances at it before putting it away in a drawer, so keep things short and sweet.

3. Be personal.

Nobody likes to be spoken to like they're a robot. Instead of bamboozling your customers with business jargon, try and connect with them as individuals. Test potential slogans out on friends and family to decide which works best.

4. Add contact information

In today's society it is best if you add more creative ways for contacting you - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, website and anything else that springs to mind. This gives the customer the idea that you care to keep in touch in any possible way with them and you have nothing to hide.

With that being said, here are our top picks:

Vista Print

• Prints in sizes ranging from A7 to A3, making it perfect both for small flyers and detail-heavy pull-outs.

• Glossy and matte paper available (be advised that the former is much more suitable for displaying crisp-looking photographs).

• Guidelines advise using no more than two different fonts on your design.

• Maximum of 2000 prints per batch. Minimum is 50.

• Can be shipped within two business days for an extra £10. Standard delivery is £3.

Instant Print

• Regular leaflet sizes range from A7 to A3.

• Also offer "fold-out" style pamphlets in each of the above sizes (ideal if you are looking to fill your leaflet with sub-categories and pricing information).

• Choice of three lamination options available: mate, gloss and velvet.

• You can either use already prepared design templates or upload your own.

• Batches can be ordered with as few as 25 prints - which allows you to test-drive before investing big. Maximum order is 20,000.

• Express next day delivery available for additionl £5 per order.

Saxo Print

• Regular leaflet sizes range from A8 to A3.

• Sizes only go as large as A4 for folded leaflets, although prints are also available in A8 (52 x 74 mm).

• Paper options include uncoated, natural and recycled, with lamination choice between silk and gloss.

• Innovative UV coating also available. This protects your leaflets against things like weather damage, scratching and murky fingers, ensuring that all the important information contained is kept in tact.

• Batches contain a minimum of 25 prints. Maximum is 999,000.

• Standard shipping is free. Express option is dependent on the weight of your order.

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