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Laser Hair Removal: Less pain, more gain with laser hair removal

We have come to an age when we have the so-called civilisation habits. Cleaning nails and teeth, doing make-up, daily showers. Anything else? Ah, yes: not a single teenage girl or woman, and since recently man, can do without hair removal. Plucking, shaving, epilating, waxing are just a few of the methods we use to make our arms, armpits and legs smooth as silk.

You will agree with me that while all these techniques can keep you smooth and silky, they do so for a week at best. I did want a longer-lasting effect and started looking around for alternatives. There you go, I've come across laser hair removal. The more I read and inquired, the more interested I grew. Being around for about 15 years, this technique has made huge strides to become an emblem of innovation. The effect is telling: less pain, less hair to remove (60 to 95% hair reduction), longer effect.

How does it work?

Being a topical procedure, a pulsing laser beam is directed to the treated area. The emitted light penetrates into the hair bulb, heats and damages it, thus, preventing or substantially impeding further growth. In the meantime, all hair follicles within scope fall in a virtually painless procedure.

Full course

One treatment will not do. To achieve a lasting effect, you will have to undergo a full course because laser treats best when hair follicles are small. Usually, this means you will need between seven and 10 procedures. Be warned to not expect an overnight effect. Hairs take 14 to 21 days to fall. You can aid this process by exfoliating, for example.

Types of laser systems

This type of treatment being quite effective, hence, enjoying high demand, a number of manufacturers have come up with a variety of systems of their own. You will find systems catering to pale and dark skin, fine and coarser hair, one or another body part. A consultation with a specialist will ensure that you are treated with the system that caters to your specific characteristics.

What to do after treatment?

The heat from the laser will still be in your skin the following 24-48 hours so you have to be careful!

- Avoid sauna, steams room, jacuzzi, swimming pool or the gym.

- Wear loose clothes from natural materials

- Avoid touching the area treated

- If you need to shower, use only lukewarm water. Avoid bathing!

- Apply creams with SPF50+ to the treated areas if you are going out and the areas will not be covered by clothing.


You can, of course, do the full course in a specialised centre but there are products which allow that you undergo the full course on your own. Tria Beauty comes up with a hair removal laser which it claims can reduce up to 70% of unwanted hair. An upside to this product is its fixed price of £375, free delivery and 30-day money-back guarantee.

At Harley Medical you have laser hair removal explained. With more than 250,000 treatments to date and 25+ clinics, it is certain that it has professionals close to your home. With the price list also available on the website, you are certain you will pay exactly what you see.

L.A. Skin Medical Centre attends to men and women alike. About 40% of its laser hair removal treatments have been on men, proving it is among the most male-friendly centres around.

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