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Although blogging keeps me entertained of an evening, during the day I, like everyone else has to work to put food on the table and a roof over my family's head. Finding, getting and keeping a job is simple to do in a growing economy where thousands of new jobs are created every day, but what do you do in an economy where literally millions are laid off every year and new jobs are hard to come by?

Getting a job in these times can be depressing but there is one thing we can be positive about and that is Job seekers websites such as Jobsite.co.uk and Monster.co.uk. These websites are massive directories of jobs available in the UK and allows people like you and I to browse through them and apply to our favourite jobs. There has been a lot of TV advertising for these job websites (none more so than the current ads for jobsite.co.uk) but which one of the two is really the best?

I am more fortunate than most of the unemployed people in the UK as I have a great deal of experience in a growing market (online marketing stuff) so during my research I will be mostly looking into media/online related jobs. The purpose of this article is to share my research and perspective with people in a similar position to me, but whose general internet skills are not strong enough to make an informed decision.


Jobsite seems to be advertised everywhere from billboards, to bendy busses to our TV screens. With all that money spent on advertising let's hope they had enough stored away to run a professional and informative job site. Jobsite is a little different to most job sites as jobs are selected for you using your uploaded CV. This saves you time hunting around for jobs however I found the jobs offered to me was well outside my remit most of the time. You can of course search individual job listings however there are no decent filters to the search results which is a real shame. For my particular search, there were well over 900 jobs listed and although I can sort by Date / Salary and Relevance, I prefer to filter. Most of the jobs advertised on Jobsite.co.uk are well written with a lot of information regarding the perfect candidate. I personally like the 'Other jobs you may be interested in' at the bottom of each listing however I am not so impressed with the actual results. When you are ready to submit your CV to any particular job listing you simply click Apply Now and it allows you to add a cover letter to your CV before you send it off. All in all a nice website but the lack of search filters and huge array of results makes it a little frustrating to use.


I remember using Monster.co.uk a few years ago to find a new job, and I must say the improvements to the site are astounding. The look and feel of the website is a big improvement on what they had originally so what about the features. The search box is made big and clean on the homepage so for my search I typed in ONLINE as the keyword and LONDON as the city. The results look very Google'esk which will make most users feel immediately at home. The main problem with Monster.co.uk results was the lack of information which made it impossible to really know what you are looking at until you click on the actual link. Unlike Jobsite.co.uk, you can actually filter Monster's search results by Job type, category, industries, career levels, education level and years of experience. With all those filters in place, you can easily drill down to the jobs that best suit your situation and experience although it still would have been nice to filter by wage. The best bit about Monster.co.uk in my opinion is the individual job pages. I have never seen a better looking job spec in all my days and it neatly compartmentalizes all the important information. You can save or print the job spec and apply for it with a click of a button in addition to links to find other jobs by the same employer and similar jobs by keyword. Monster has indeed come a long way since I last visited and the sites improvements have really improved the user experience of the whole service.


I thought Job Site would win this little battle hands down but after revisiting Monster.co.uk after 5 years, there really is no contest. Monster.co.uk not only looks great visually, it displays the information in a constructive and easy to use manner which makes it a joy to use. The search filters also allow you to narrow down your results so you don't have to wade through thousands of jobs to find the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a job, there is no finer place to start than Monster.co.uk.

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