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A buyer’s guide to iPhone deals

iPhones account for the most popular mobile phone type of the century. These phones have seemingly become the must have item of the 21st century, however many can struggle to afford the latest model at the going rate. If you find yourself in this situation then this guide we talk you through finding an iPhone for as cheap as possible.

Saving money on your iPhone

Free handset versus a cheaper contract

Whilst it may be tempting to choose a contract with a free iPhone handset you need to think about how much this monthly contract will amount to. Very often the contract price is significantly inflated in order to cover the cost of the handset. For this reason it may be best to look at buying the handset outright.

In this instance you should start your search with Google shopping. Here you’ll be able to search thousands of iPhone stockists and drill down your results to the cheapest deal. If you find that the current model remains out of your price range then start looking at the model previous to the latest. Generally you can save a significant amount by just going back a model or two.

Not being swayed by free gifts

If you do decide to opt for a contract with a free iPhone handset then you should try to stay away from contracts that offer free gifts. These types of contracts can be even further inflated by such gifts and very often they won’t be used frequently.

Using auction websites for your iPhone deal

Auction websites can be helpful for those who find themselves unable to purchase a handset brand new. You should take care however to check item descriptions thoroughly, as well as researching the seller’s history. In particular you should avoid those for are selling for the first time, as a high value first item can be an indicator of fraud.

Other factors to consider when purchasing an iPhone or taking out a contract

Thinking about insurance

Whilst phone insurance may seem like just another monthly expense you really need to think carefully about how you’d replace your phone should you drop it or lose it. Finding the money for an iPhone replacement isn’t easy for most people and an insurance policy that costs a few pounds a month may be advisable.

Thinking about data post purchase

After you’ve purchased your iPhone you need to think about your data usage. iPhone are notorious for continually updating and so many can be surprised by their first bill when they find they’ve gobbled up their data allowance and much more besides. To avoid this you should switch off the automatic updates that iPhones are set to.

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