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A guide to hunting down the best iphone 6 deals

For consumers who love their gadgets there can be few items as sought after than the iPhone. At the time of writing this guide the iPhone 6 was well on its way and people from practically every country in the world wanted to get their hands on one.

However, there are plenty of ways in which you can hunt down some savvy deals on the iPhone 6 and in this guide we explain how, whether you’re reading this before of after the official launch.

iPhone 6 deals when opting for a phone contract

If you’re lucky enough to currently be without a phone contract then there are plenty of options that could see you grabbing a bargain on the illustrious iPhone 6. The following hints and tips describe the steps you should take if you find yourself in this situation, although you do need to ensure that entering a contract is right for you and specifically consider the total amount paid over the full 24 months.

Saving on Family Plans

Many phone companies now offer family plans if you enter a contract for one or more handsets with different numbers. This could see you being able to negotiate with the provider and you may well be able to whittle down the cost of the iPhone 6.

You should note however that it is incredibly rare for a provider to offer any iPhone handset for free and if you’re taking out the contract particularly close to the iPhone 6 launch date then you will additionally pay a premium for the pleasure.

Recycling your old smartphone

Don't overlook the value of your old handset when planning to purchase your iPhone 6. This can range from a significant contribution to a small percentage. In any instance however a small discount from the iPhone 6 is better than nothing.

Checking out iPhone 6 deals directly from the retailers

If you can afford the iPhone 6 outright then you should most certainly consider doing so. Whether or not this will save you money depends on what your monthly usage is like. Be sure to check with previous bills, alongside the current going rates for phone contracts, to weigh these up against the price of purchasing outright.

The Power of Google in hunting down iPhone 6 deals

If you opt for getting an iPhone 6 deal by purchasing outright then a great place to start will be with Google Shopping. This will search through thousands of suppliers to present you with the cheapest in a matter of seconds. You should however take care that when ordering from any of the websites leading from Google shopping look legitimate and remember the old adage of ‘If it looks too good to be true...’!

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