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iPhone 5c: Colourful Innovation by Apple

The iPhone 5c was officially unveiled by Apple just a couple of days ago and now it’s available to pre-order by most major UK mobile networks. Should you buy one? YES, you should. What we try to do with this little buyer’s guide is to help you decide where to buy the iPhone 5c.

To make sure you do not blindly rush for it and make sure you choose the right tariff for you, we have brought together all of the UK networks which will stock the iPhone 5c. Keep reading to find out where to buy the iPhone 5c and how much you’re expected to pay for it.

Apple Official Website

iPhone 5c pre-orders are now available on Apple’s official website. This is perhaps the best way to secure ownership of iPhone 5c ahead of launch. Apple have opened pre-orders for all red, white, blue, yellow and green iPhone 5c handsets.


To make sure you make use of iPhone 5c 4G connectivity options, you better choose a deal from EE. This is a good idea mainly because EE have been until recently the only mobile network to offer superfast mobile 4G internet. And why would you need an super-high technology iPhone without superfast internet?

Available for pre-order now, the EE iPhone 5C deals start from £26 monthly cost with £189.99 upfront cost for the 16GB handset on a 24-month contract. The downside of this plan is that its data allowance is just 500MB. For people who browse a lot, EE have on offer a 20GB plan for the hefty £51 a month.

Phones 4u

The high street mobile phone retailer Phones 4u have announced that they will also be stocking iPhone 5c deals. Not stating their prices just yet, Phones 4u are already accepting pre-orders on their website and offline.


Vodafone was the first of the major UK mobile networks to announce its plans to stock the new iPhone 5c and to start taking pre-orders. They have officially announced that the colourful smartphone will be in stock from 20 September 2013.

The iPhone 5c is to be made available on both Vodafone’s 3G and 4G tariffs. Available to pre-order now, the iPhone 5C deals start from £42 monthly cost with 6GB data on a 24-month contract. For people who browse a lot, Vodafone have on offer a 12GB plan for the hefty £52 a month.


Three Mobile are yet another UK mobile network to offer the iPhone 5c. The network are now offering pre-orders just like their rivals but have already announced the prices. The colourful mobile phone is available on the One plan with £49 upfront cost, including 2,000 minutes with 5,000 texts and unlimited data for £41 per month.

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