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Buying the ink cartridges you need fast and cheap

Though recently everyone is talking about saving our Planet and going green in our habits and activities, it is inevitable to stop using paper and printer in some cases. That's why running out of ink is still up-to-date problem. Buying ink cartridges online has become such an easy job that going to a brick-and-mortar shop can safely be dubbed a real waste of time. Most ink cartridge providers have devised an intuitive shopping path which sees you check out after several simple steps. To make your shopping experience a pleasant and seamless one, prepare in advance the following details.

Manufacturer, printer model and/or cartridge number

To buy the right ink cartridge, you need to know the exact names of your manufacturer, printer model and/or cartridge number. Entering these or selecting them from available drop-down menus will make your offers available in a matter of a second or two. You will immediately get information whether your ink cartridge is in stock or not.

How much? OEM or compatibles?

Usually, online shops will offer you packages seeing you achieve savings over buying in bundles. What is more, they have hunted out for ink cartridges which are an exact replica of its OEM peers but such which are sold at a fraction of their cost. Some sites have even made it so easy to figure out the price you pay by entering per page cost estimates (in other words, how many pence you pay to print out a page).

Refill or single use

Buying a refillable ink cartridge might cost a bit more the first time but will afterwards earn you savings since you are going to be paying for the ink itself and never for the cartridge any more. MOst people do not find a difference in the quality of printing with refilled ink.


Many online vendors have created bonuses for returning customers and among them is the issue of vouchers. With them, you can purchase ink cartridges at promotional rates and higher discounted rates are guaranteed the longer you stay with it.

Cartridge People sees you choose between originals and replicas of originals so that you spend inasmuch as the budget of your company allows. Check our the offers (there are many of them), see what is in stock, the per-page cost, the details of the models you have selected and enjoy your safe delivery.

With Printer Inks, buying products earns you reward points where each 100 points equal £1 in savings. Enjoy other bonuses such as free photo paper, express delivery, etc.

At Cartridge Shop, you can also buy originals or compatible products and, thus, enjoy huge, up to 80%, in savings. Buying more than one package and achieve even higher discounts over bulk sales.

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