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Holiday in Ibiza on a Budget

Ibiza has acquired a certain amount of notoriety in recent years for its nightlife and for getting more and more expensive. However, it is still possible to holiday in Ibiza on a budget without comprising on having a good time. In this guide we talk you through some of the ways you can do this and some of the activities you can enjoy on the island for free.

Compare flight prices and save

Arranging a flight will be your first port of call. There are a couple of ways you can save on your plane tickets. One way is to visit a comparison site as they let you play around with departure and arrival dates and times so you can see which options are the most cost effective. Once you’ve been on a comparison site and found a deal that suits you, you might be able to save a bit extra if you book directly with the airline offering the deal. It might not always work but it can save you serious money sometimes. One final way is to go on a site like Lastminute.com and see if you can pick up a cheap flight right at the last knockings, this can offer big savings but you might be limited in the choice you have.

Finding a place to stay

Once you’ve sorted a flight, the next thing is a place to stay. Again there are a few options available to you if you’re looking to save. You can either book yourself into a guesthouse, B&B or hostel as they will be much cheaper than staying in a hotel or another option you might like to consider is camping. The quality of sites available will be much better than you might anticipate and you can really save by bringing you own tent. If you’re not the most knowledgeable camper there are tents or bungalow huts you can book.

The best time to go for a party in Ibiza is in the summer. But if you want to have some sunbaths and save on your stay consider booking your stay late in May or in the beginning of October as prices might be cheaper then and there still be warm and sunny days.

Save on food

There are plenty of restaurants and fast food outlets on Ibiza that will drain your budget with regular visits so to save why not try supermarkets. They are littered all over the island and sell a variety of cheap snacks. You can also save big by keeping your eyes peeled for the Spanish restaurants that are popular with the locals. These places offer great local food and service at cheap prices, and are often only a stone’s throw away from the tourist hotspots. Make sure you get there nice and early to get a table as these places tend to get very busy from the late evening onwards.

Talk to workers

They might take winning over, but this can be a particularly good way to save on your Ibiza holiday as workers will have a good knowledge of the island and, most importantly, where the best places to enjoy yourself on a budget can be found.

Free activities

Not all activities on Ibiza will require another dip into the holiday fund. There are some great things you can do that won’t cost you a cent. You can spend the day at one of Ibiza’s many great beaches, there are plenty around the island that not many tourists get to see so have a good look around – this is where talking to a worker on the island may come in handy. You can also pay a visit to Dalt Vila (high town). The world heritage site is a maze of cobbles and whitewashed walls with free audio tours are available.

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