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Why you should take out horsebox insurance

Horsebox insurance protects both you, others, your horsebox, and, of course your much loved horses. In this guide we look at the reasons why you should take horsebox insurance to ensure that you and your horses are sufficiently protected.

What is horsebox insurance?

Every horse owner knows that transporting your horses for any length of journey is a stressful time, not only for you but moreover for your horses. This is made ever more worrying by the large amounts of money that you have invested in your horses and equipment. All this means that you need to be sufficiently covered, and provide yourself with at least the peace of mind that, should the worst happen, you are financially backed up.

Horsebox insurance provides protection whether your horsebox is travelling, at home, in storage or at a horse competition. Regardless of where your horsebox is, where it is or how often you use it you’ll always be covered.

Frequently asked questions about horsebox insurance

How many drivers can I have on my horsebox insurance policy?

The majority of policies cover anyone that drives the vehicle towing the horsebox that are over 25 years old and that have the correct licence. However if you do require drivers under the age of 25 then they will need to be named drivers.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, drivers must be 21 or over to be covered by most horsebox insurance policies. Additionally you might find that for young or new drivers there will be a premium to be paid.

Can I transport horses other than the ones I own?

Yes, as long as they are not being transporting as part of a business, or charging others for the privilege.

Can I get cover for a limited time only?

There are different levels of cover to choose from as well as a temporary horsebox insurance.

Am I covered in the event of a breakdown with my insurance?

Breakdown cover is usually covered under a separate policy. However this does differ from provider to provider. You should check specifically with yours to find out whether you’re covered in the event of breakdown.

Am I covered abroad?

If you’re planning on transporting your horsebox abroad you need to check with your insurance providers as to where you stand. You will, most likely, be required to pay a premium for insurance coverage abroad.

If you’re considering buying horsebox insurance then hopefully this guide would have told you about the benefits of taking out a horsebox insurance policy. If you remain unsure as to whether it is beneficial to you, you should consult an insurance professional and for specifics in relation to factors such as horsebox transportation abroad and breakdown coverage, you need to take particular care to find out what applies in the case of your policy.

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