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A consumer’s guide to Heathrow parking

There’s no escaping that Heathrow parking can amount to a significant cost, however the peace of mind gained from using an official airport car park, and the convenience of having your vehicle once you arrive home is very often absolutely necessary.

How Heathrow parking works

Heathrow car parks are open all year round and all offer a free coach service from the car park to the terminal. These services run every ten minutes and, on average, have a journey time of around 15 minutes.

Where short term parking in any normal paid car park sees you paying charge per hour, or for a set amount of hours, airport car parking involves set prices per week or per day. Here are some other factors you should consider when using Heathrow parking.

Checking into the car park

There are three long stay car parks at Heathrow, located at terminal 1, 3 and 5 (you should choose the car park closest to your terminal). You will need to book your car park in advance so ensure that this is done prior to the day of travel. Additionally you should be sure to leave more time for checking in if you’re using the Heathrow parking as opposed to getting a taxi or using public transport.

The importance of security

Whilst you may be tempted by online websites that list people who have driveways to rent near Heathrow you need to consider the security of your car. Heathrow parking ensures that your car is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, should anything at all happen to your car, the car park company will cover the cost (whether this is accidental damage or, less likely, a theft).

How much you should expect to pay

On the first day of your car’s stay you will be charged £25 with every additional full day seeing a charge of £20.

Not leaving important items in your car

Heathrow long term parking is undoubtedly extremely secure, however no airport car park is impenetrable and you shouldn’t assume that your vehicle and its contents are ever 100% safe. Be sure to leave your car empty and if this isnt possible, at least ensure that any belongings are locked away out of sight.

Saving on Heathrow parking

Considering public transport

Whilst for some public transport won’t be suitable, those who are travelling a relatively short distance to the airport should think about using public transport to get to the airport.

Do you need to travel from Heathrow?

Check whether flights to your destination are available from closer airports on different dates and consider whether a compromise would be worth the saving you’ll make on parking.

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