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Gastric Band Surgery: Is gastric band surgery for me?

Overweight and obese people are often on a long-term battle with themselves: kilograms and physical and mental health alike. They are also at odds with outsiders as they so often get derided, outright finger-pointed or "delicately" discussed in undertones (relatives and friends are likely to spare them the comments). They are often turned down a job despite their superb qualifications and relevant job experience. Well, I can tell you that none of these is a great experience.

A while ago, I had the chance to listen to these people first hand when I interviewed an obesity surgeon and people who were about to undergo surgery, gastric band surgery in particular. I also heard stories about a sharp upturn in life after having this inflatable silicone ring into their stomach. The mechanical contraction of the volume of your stomach has resulted in up to 40-50% weight loss, without being subject to the devastating sense of hunger haunting you day and night. While safe, there are some questions that need an answer before you decide whether gastric band surgery is for you.

This is surgery

You have to consider surgery only after you have exhausted all non-surgical weight loss methods. After all, this is a surgical intervention. You will be subject to anaesthesia and the medication you have been injected will stay in your blood for several months. Then you will have a recovery period of several weeks until your wound fully heals. Clinics with good reputation and long term experience offer free aftercare for 2 years.


For this very reason, it is highly recommendable that only people with body mass index (BMI) of 35 and above use it. This roughly means that you need to weigh about 120 kg and more if you are a man of average height (180 cm) and about 100 kg if a woman 165 cm high. There are many BMI calculators online. Look for the ones which take into account not only your weight and height but also your age. In this way, you will be absolutely certain whether you need to consider surgery or not.


Take the chance of having a free consultation with a specialist before taking the final decision. The vast majority of clinics offer one. You will be given you all the pros and cons of each type of surgical and non-surgical weight loss methods. Listen carefully and decide which one will work best for you.

Surgicare Medical Group has developed a seamless procedure of treating people like you. First, familiarise with the weight loss section and especially with the obesity surgery subsection which puts it clean and clear what the individual surgical procedures are about.

The cost of such procedure may vary but could be something around £4,000 to £8,000. Though some may be eligible for NHS criteria others will have to pay for it. So be aware of what financial options each clinic offers for a gastric band surgery.

The Hospital Group has a long list of clinics countrywide with a proven team of professionals in each and every single point of presence. Check the price list, too, to make the necessary financial preparations beforehand.

Healthier Weight offer you not only surgery but a related cover over a two-year timespan. Start your enquiry with the Assess Yourself section so that you be ready for the free consultation before deciding whether you will be going for surgery or will be circumventing it.

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