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Florida Theme Park Tickets

For Disney enthusiasts all around the world there has always been a great debate as to which park is the greatest. Disneyland based in Anaheim, California was the original theme park designed by Walt Disney himself and first opened its doors back in 1955 with just 18 attractions. Disneyworld was the second theme park built by Disney in Orlando Florida, and since its doors opened in 1971, it has become arguably one of the worlds favourite holiday destinations... especially for children from the western world.

Disneyland California was the original brain child of Walt Disney and has grown exponentially over the past 55 years from a small family theme park to a world renowned attraction complex spread across 180 acres. Disneyland was the first of its kind and no one had ever attempted to create a theme park on such a grand scale. Due to land constraints in California, Disneyland found it difficult to expand beyond its current border line which is why Disneyworld was founded in the spacious areas around Orland Florida.

Disneyland is built on only 180 acres of land while the entire Disneyworld complex is spread over 30,000 acres. In terms of land, Disneyworld is gigantic and the extra space has allowed Disney to create a number of parks under the Disneyworld umbrella to encourage visitors to visit a number of their parks. Everything about Disneyworld was designed to be bigger and better than the original with most of the main areas recreated for the new park. The main street buildings of Disneyworld are far more impressive then Disneyland with even the castle towering far higher than its predecessor. While on the subject of the castle, Disneyland does not allow you to eat inside while Disneyworld has a splendid themed restaurant which is a fantastic experience for both kids and grownups alike.

On face value, Disneyworld seems to have a lot more going on than the older Disneyland but is that statement strictly true? Disneyland may be much smaller in terms of land but over the years they have jam packed every useable square foot with the best Disney has to offer. Disneyland has a number of unique lands not found in Disneyworld including New Orleans Square, Fantasyland and of course Mickeys Toon Town and a number of blockbusting rides including Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidding Eye, Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin and Pinocchios Daring Journey.

One of the main attractions for Disneyland over Disneyworld is that Walt Disney himself designed the park and was personally involved with the developments of many of the rides you see there today. Even when waiting in queues for what seems like hours, there is plenty of little things to keep you amused while waiting in line.

There is a big difference between the types of visitors that each theme park attracts. Disneyland being in the centre of Orange County California attracts a lot of the locals looking for a fun day out rather than full blown holiday makers. Disneyworld on the other hand is mostly filled with people from all around the world looking to be entertained over a 7-14 day period which is why there is so many other places to go when visiting Florida over California.

If you and your family are only looking for a few days in Disney before moving onto other things, Disneyland California is the place to go. You can do the entire park in a day or two while also being close to things like Hollywood, Venice Beach and of course mansions of the rich and famous. If on the other hand you are looking at spending a week or two in the company of Mickey and his friends then Disneyworld will have enough for you to do without even leaving Disney owned land.

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