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With a ferry to France

If you are planning to travel to France or to continental Europe via France and you would like to do it along with your entire family, vehicle and even your pets, an affordable way to do so would be aboard a ferry.

With ferries, it is proven to be both cheap and convenient in that there are several ferry routes traversing the La Manche and boats setting off once at least every two hours round the clock.

Where from where to

When organising your trip to France, you have to check which route would be closest to your point of departure and, respectively, destination. Select one out of the four available routes: Dover - Dunkirk, Dover - Calais, Newhaven - Dieppe or Portsmouth - Le Havre. The time for crossing with ferry to France depends on the route you choose. From Dover to Calais it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is 3 times more compared with the time by Eurotunnel / only 35 minutes/ but must say that ferry tickets are much cheaper.

Standard or flexi

Ferry operators will offer you a choice between standard or flexible fares. Both cover a vehicle with all its passengers. As a rule, flexible fares are by £20 more expensive than the standard ones and both are floating, with the cheapest one being in early morning and the most expensive ones - from about 10:00 to 17:00 hours.

What details

When booking a ferry, there are a few details you need to enter. Among them is the type and size of your vehicle and trailer (if any) the number of people and pets traveling and, of course, the sailing date. You are usually prompted to specify if you would need a one-way or a return ticket. If you know exactly when you would be back, you could opt for a return ticket so that you get your deserved discount.

With DFDS Seaways, booking is as straightforward as it should be. Scroll over the Ferry routes section and click on any of the four ferry routes available. Choose your points of departure and arrival for your outbound route and do the same for your return trip, set the time, specify the type of vehicle and people traveling. Then select the fare you need, check if you need any of the upgrades available, enter the booking and passenger details and then pay and you are ready for your trip.

P&O Ferries has the same easy-to-complete booking form; however, here your choice is reduced to the Dover-Calais route.

At Ferry Savers, you not only get the chance of booking your ferry to France but you are also offered various options to continue your sailing to another point in France. Check where more you can go and book multiple ferries, if need be.

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