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The range of family cars today

Family cars have always formed a vital part of family life. Today, when families are busier than ever, choosing the right family car can be an important decision. In this guide we look at the factors you should consider when buying a family car, and go on to discuss what’s available on the market today.

Factors to consider when looking for a family car


The size of family car you choose should be based upon practical aspects such as how large your family is and what you use your car for. If you take a lot of UK holidays, which inevitably involves a lot of luggage, then a family hatchback may not suffice.

Estate cars on the other hand may be the perfect solution. For families of 5 or more, people carriers are the only solution. However they have come a long way from the original people carriers, where they were often thought of ugly and inefficient. Today they can be as elegant as there are efficient.


Efficiency should always play a factor when choosing a car and this is no truer when applied to the busy family of today. With petrol prices rising without relent, your choice of car can significantly affect your monthly outgoings. Ensure that you research the gallon per mile information for any model that you’re looking at.


For anyone with a family that has small children, they’ll know of the perils of driving even relatively short distances. The family cars of today have been designed with this in mind, so you’ll now find that many of the ‘upper end’ family cars have features that adapt to having children in the back. From built in entertainment systems, to trays for eating and drinking without making a mess, the family cars of today really can make a parent’s life easier!

Family cars and the market of today

The family car market of today is wider ranging than ever before and, with increased competition, family cars are seeing dramatic decreases in price. Generally speaking the people carriers on the market sometimes offer the most practical vehicle for a family, and are essential for families that have over 5 members. However, for those with smaller families, the current hatchback market (which offers the most affordable type of family cars) has much to offer the family of today. Whereas hatchbacks of previous years may have been short on space, today they are roomy and wide.

Here are our top choices of family cars on the market:

- Small family car – Volkswagen Golf – reliable car which offers safety and comfort with impressive quality interior.

- Medium family car – Toyota Corolla – high quality car with excellent safety and driving features, spacious and intelligent interior designed to comfort all of the passengers.

- Large family car – Mercedes GLE – not necessary to mention that has very powerful engine, plenty of room and a lots of extras that you do not even know about.

Choosing a family car is not to be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider if you’re to find the right fit for your family. By undertaking thorough research you can find not only an efficient car, but you may even find a car that helps you keep children entertained for long journeys.

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