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How to book your Eurotunnel tickets

If you’re looking to travel to the European mainland, then you may be mulling over your options - from taking an airplane to travelling by boat, the Eurotunnel presents a convenient and cost effective alternative.

To book you Eurotunnel tickets, you need to visit the Eurotunnel website, or the website of a Eurotunnel ticket provider. First you must select the dates that you wish to travel to and from France. Then you need to select whether you need a single or return ticket and lastly you can select an option that allows for a little flexibility on your arrival times, this is perfect for those that are prone to a little lateness!

For those that travel more than 3 times a year, they have the option of opening what is known as a frequent traveler account; this is often used by business people who travel often, and can save them a significant amount of money.

Why you should choose Eurotunnel to travel

Booking with Eurotunnel offers the utmost convenience as compared to any other form of travelling to the European continent. They offer as many as 4 departures every hour, and with the journey only taking 35 minutes to cross the channel, people can get the most out of their holiday time.

Unlike travelling by plane, there are no luggage or fuel supplement charges, and the prices quoted include anything up to 9 passengers, this makes it extremely economical and additionally travelers benefit from having a seamless journey from UK to French motorway. However bear in mind buying your ticket in advance as there is a chance to book at cheaper price on offer, as buying at the check desk will cost you more for sure.

The convenience of taking your car on holiday

The majority of people that take their car through the Eurotunnel are doing so because they are holidaying in France. Given the ever changing landscape of France, and the wonderful countries that border it, taking your car to France can ensure that you enjoy all the country has to offer. However additionally there are other people that travel to holiday in other countries such as Spain, Germany, Belgium and even Italy. Whichever of these travelers you are, the fact that the Eurotunnel journey time is so short ensures that you can get on with what can be a journey that lasts over 10 hours.

Travelling by Eurotunnel offers passengers unparalleled convenience; not only can a 35 minute journey be welcome news to those that are used to waiting around at airports for hours, but additionally Eurotunnel travelers can enjoy the freedom that holidaying with their car can offer. The cost of Eurotunnel tickets is an added benefit for anyone that sees ferry and flight charges as relatively extortionate; and with a guarantee of no further charges on their baggage, they can enjoy the journey free from fretting about surcharges.


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