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Things to consider when choosing European car insurance

Going on holiday is a really exciting time, and one we look forward to for months on end. Many people choose to enrich their holiday by taking a means of travel; they are then free to explore all a country truly has to offer at their own will.

However there are important factors to consider when driving a car abroad, and in this guide we look at the important things that must be considered if you’re planning on doing this is Europe.

The different levels of European car insurance

European insurers differ greatly in the types of coverage they offer. Where some offer only the most minimal cover, others are more comprehensive.

The minimum amount of coverage you will be required to have for driving in Europe is known as a motor insurance certificate (for your own, domestic vehicle) or a ‘green card’. Be aware however that you need to check with you insurer as to your European cover.

There are policies available however that will provide you with more extensive coverage, you should ask your current insurer about their options and pricing, and then go and do your own research as to what else is available.

Choosing the cheapest policy should not be your primary concern, ensuring that you are sufficiently covered in the event of an accident should be; and remember, always check the small print thoroughly!

Things to consider for European car insurance

How long does the policy last?

The majority of policies are around 90 days for a standard European car insurance policy. However you should be sure to double check this fact and, if you’re planning on being away for a longer period than 90 days, you should ask them to extend it (for which there will inevitably be a charge).

Does your European Car insurance policy cover your European destination?

This at first sounds like a ridiculous point, but in fact, many European car insurance policies may not cover all of the countries within Europe! So you should double check to be on the safe side!

What about break down cover?

You should always consider taking out break down cover, as in a foreign country it’s hardly like you can call that much trusted friend to come and pick you up!

Now when the Brexit is a fact and Great Britain has left the European union there will be new changes and regulations. So our advice is to check the terms for your policy with your insurer before leaving abroad.

Travelling by car on holiday can provide the ultimate holiday experience, it can give you freedom and the option to explore things at your own leisurely rate. By following the tips in this guide you can be sure that your car driving in Europe goes without legal hiccup, and, should the worst happen, and you have an accident, you can have peace of mind in knowing your covered.

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