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A consumer’s guide to dog insurance

The biggest complaint about pet insurance companies of any description is that when the consumer needs treatment for their pet they find that it is outside of what their policy covers. When you consider some of the average prices for dog treatments this becomes all the more serious. For example, treating a dog with cataracts costs, on average, £1700 or for arthritis treatments bills can reach a whopping £6480 over five years!

This is a huge problem in the industry, particularly as pet owners inevitably love their pets and they consequently struggle to find the finances for ongoing treatments. With this in mind we’ve written this guide to talk you through the processes of purchasing pet insurance, telling you about the factors you should be considering and how you can make a saving.

Factors to consider when choosing dog insurance

What are you covered for?

The biggest issue that dog owners find when coming to claim on their insurance is that their provider either only covers part of the treatment, or none at all. This is because a lot of providers set a maximum year limit as to how much you can claim. You can choose between 12 months policy which will cover new conditions and vet costs /with a set limit/ concerned with them, and a life cover which will cover conditions and treatment again with set limit of vet fees for a year.

As well as this a lot of providers will also set a limit per illness, so if, for example, your dog develops diabetes (which requires significant medicine and possible treatments) you’ll be left facing the ongoing costs after a set amount has been paid.

Remembering your yearly injections

Always remember your dog’s annual injections and get them done on time, every time. Not doing so could invalidate your insurance policy.

Asking your vet about their recommendations

If you have a trusted vet that you use then asking them for their dog insurance recommendations can help you to choose the right provider. They deal with sick and injured animals on a daily basis, and will be best placed to tell you about the insurance companies they encounter and how they handle claims.

Purchasing dog insurance for older dogs

Don’t assume that because of your dog’s age you won’t be able to get insurance. The majority of insurers will cover any dog, regardless of age. The thing that you do have to consider is that the premiums will be significantly higher than purchasing for a pup.

Getting the best deal on dog insurance

Using price comparison websites

Price comparison websites should be your first port of call when looking to save on dog insurance. However, with the points raised in this article in relation to providers and their coverage levels, you need to take serious care in checking out policies in detail before going for any insurance. If you’re at all unsure about whether they pay for certain treatments you should call them directly.

Purchasing multi-dog discounts

If you have two or more dogs that are to be insured then many providers will offer discounts. You should call providers directly in this instance if you can’t find the information on their website.

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