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Dog Friendly Holidays: Planning for dog-friendly holidays

Pets included! When planning for a short or an extended holiday, this condition is always high on my roster of requirements. Simply Rodger, the dog we have had for two years now, is a fully-fledged member of the family. Not to mention that last year, when we ventured for a three-day get-away and left him with the next-door neighbours, he turned overnight into the barking fidgety sensation ravaging the vicinity in search for us. He must have thought we are playing hide and seek or that Cruella was round the corner.

Never mind, the end result was: pets included! For those who'd like to keep their dog when going near and far, there are a few things to mind.

Dog-friendly hotels

When looking for where to stay, always inquire whether your pet is welcome and whether it is allowed into your room (instead of being placed in a kennel). Let's face it, many hotels would grudge your furred friend, for the mere reason that there is much more cleaning to do once you leave. To prevent people with allergies and asthma from suffering, housekeepers would need to use special detergents (for fleas, even if yours has none) and special rubbing, scraping procedures to get rid of any falling hairs, fine and not. Bear in mind that this extra aftercare will cost you a bit more.

Those who love the sea and long for a vacation not just around the pool there are dog friendly beaches where you can enjoy the beach together with your beloved pet. What’s more – there budget cottages and luxury hotels to choose from.

Food issues

While dog-friendly hotels are usually owned by pet owners and they generally have treats to pamper your dog with, you should better bring your dog's usual food with you. Going to a different place has already unsettled their routine and adding new items to their diet could wreak havoc in their stomach.

Place for walks

Your dog will need a place to run and unleash its energy. Look for a hotel with ample open space or a park nearby where you could ensure the usual walk for an hour or two.


For a hearty receipt, you need to be able to provide upon request evidence that your furred family member has been vaccinated for dog's diseases such as rabies or canine distemper. It is best if you issued a passport for your dog which would contain all this information, along with its name.

Visit Wales has all in stock for a perfect holiday with kids and pets. Apart from offering excellent packages within the budget you have set, they have also many outdoor activities for guaranteed entertainment of big and small members alike.

With Cottages4You you have a straightforward pet-friendly solution. With the form in the left-hand side of the homepage, you can enter the number of pets you plan to bring with you. The results will naturally lead you to the pet-friendly cottages with a description of the pet-friendly amenities they have for you.

The same holds true for Welcome Cottages and what's more, they inform you about the properties where your dog could stay for free. Sounds good? Check for details now.

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