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A consumer’s guide to Disney tickets

If you’re planning a dream trip to Disney for you and your children then this guide we talk you through how you can save money on your tickets and the other factors to consider when visiting Disney.

Disney World versus Disneyland

Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Disney World in Florida is the large out of the two venues and most certainly the most popular. For this reason tickets are considerably more expensive (as well as the flight tickets inevitably being more).

Disney World boasts hundreds of rides in tens of themed areas, from the Magic Kingdom Park to the Water park. Additionally the park has special events on during certain times of the year, such as the ‘Celebrate the Magic’ firework and carnival which takes place during the early evening. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes for you to eat and drink in, although you may wish to travel outside of the theme park as the prices can attract a premium when compared to local restaurants.

When browsing the Disney World website you’ll notice that you have the option to book the hotel, flight and tickets, just the hotel and tickets, or the hotel and tickets separately. Because of the range of options you’ll need to gain quotes for each different option and then use comparison websites for the other services. Very often you’ll find that you can save money by booking the elements separately. The hotel in particular will be more expensive than many of other hotels that are outside of the park.

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland Paris is somewhat smaller than Disney World but is just as magical. Open all year round the park boasts over 50 rides and attractions and puts on plenty of entertaining shows and seasonal spectaculars.

Obviously being located in Paris it can make for a far cheaper option. Again, you can search its website for booking the hotel, flight and tickets together, just the hotel and tickets, or the hotel and tickets separately.

Many people are attracted to Disneyland because of the area. Paris offers much for holidaymakers, particularly families where the adults may wish to have a couple of days exploring the area outside of the park.

Saving money off Disneyland or Disney World

A holiday to Disney World or Disney land is always going to cost a relatively significant amount, however there are ways that you can save money. In addition to checking out how much the holiday costs with elements booked separately or together you should also look out for special offers.

Plan your time an even when booking 3 day ticket you can save. You can get huge savings up to 50% off the price when booking 7 days and you will get 14 days pass. The prices of the tickets online and at the gate should be the same.

Disney very often put on offers during the school holidays and at other times offer ‘free’ spending money. The best offer when waiting for a good deal is to not tell the kids until it’s booked!

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