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Compact SUV

SUVs are becoming an increasingly common sight on British roads, with many of us now ditching our compact runarounds in favour of a bulky vehicle capable of accommodating the whole family.

But, with fuel costs skyrocketing and prohibitive sanctions now being introduced against gas-guzzling motors, does it really make sound economical sense to take the plunge in 2020? Here are some top-of-the-line models that could turn your head.


Compact SUVs are generally designed to be efficient amily cars, combining the space of a traditional off-road vehicle with (relatively) low running costs.

Audi Q3

Stylish on the inside and out, Audi's Q3 is purpose built for stop-start city driving, with reponsive steering and good handling. It also has plenty of space in the back for the little ones.

Volkswagen Tiguan

This slightly pricey SUV is in top 3 selling models of Volkswagen group. It is very spacious, refined and comfortable. This sophisticated car is not most fuel efficient, but is one of the most reliable models.

Mazda CX-3

As a budget option, Mazda's CX-3 is one of the very best motors in the compact SUV market. It's currently selling for as little as £18,000, with running costs generous compared to many.


By comparison, large SUVs are generally much more expensive to run, with bulky, truck-style chassis and enough boot space for all your outdoor pursuits.


At the cutting edge of large SUVs is the BMW X3, an inordinately luxurious vehicle with a spacious interior large enough to fit five adults and one of the best dashboard layouts around. If you're spending big, this is the one to plump for.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

As a classic option, few can hold a candle to Land Rover. The Discovery Sport is one of the brand's most economical models in a while. It's easy to control - but perhaps a little on the bulky side for parking in the city.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda are relative newcomers to the SUV game, but their opening gambit is a winning one. There are much cheaper options out there, but - with seven seats and a powerful diesel engine - this one is the perfect combination of functionality and performance.


Hybrid SUVs are a rareity in the UK, but we are beginning to see one or two hit the showrooms (albeit with fairly hefty price-tags).

Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi's Outlander is one of few hybrids that drives like its gas-guzzling equivalent. Style and comfort isn't the best, but it's a solid option if practicality is your priority.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

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Think of Mercedes and the first few words that spring to mind are luxury, class and quality, three things that have been retained in their hybrid SUV model. The GLE has largely excellent kit, although it's only big enough for a small-sized family.

Volvo XC90

Volvo has attempted to shake off its reputation for being slow and stead over recent years, but - true to form - the XC90 hybrid model is all about a smooth and easy drive, with plenty of storage space in the rear.

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