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Cheap Train Tickets: Veering off from overpaying for train tickets

While fast, punctual and comfortable, it can force you go almost for broke before you reach your destination. Especially if you decide to use it in the last minute and do so in the straightforward way. Yes, I am talking about trains. I had a "big ouch" experience the other week, needing to dig deep into my pocket for an emergency trip to London.

On my return, though, I dug just as deep into cheap train ticket guides so as to veer off for good from unreasonably hefty fares. Here is what my research produced.

Shop early

Being cost-sensitive means to be forward-looking. Planning your trip in advance can save you more than half the fare. Most rail operators issue tickets for their lines about 11 or 12 weeks in advance. It is just about at this time when you can buy at a discount of up to 80%! If you are clean and clear about the time and destination, enter these details into the alert system many train selling websites have. In this way, whether inland or European, you will be able to tap onto the cheapest offer available.

Buying online

Train ticket websites have one outstanding feature as opposed to the walk-on buying option. First, they give you full visibility into the available fares of individual operators for individual destinations, without being under the mild pressure of people queuing behind you. Second, train ticket officials, while they are obliged to sell you the cheapest fare available, they will do so only if you specifically point it to them. Ticket machines will hardly earn you savings, too. They can work in you best interest in terms of fast service but will not deliver you the best bargain.

Consider installing an app on your phone and buying tickets online. That is pretty convenient as you do not need to get a ticket; just show the code on your phone and you can easily get on the train.

Splitting tickets

A good cost-cutting is ticket splitting. It is a secret to nobody that the price skyrockets at peak times and in zones of peak traffic. Buying a ticket for travel within the peak zone and time and then one for your trip outside that perimeter could save you up to 20% off your ticket price. And it is not necessary to get off and on the train if it is travelling to the final destination of your trip.


As a regular traveller you are entitled to discounts. All operators in Britain have regional cards on offer. There are quite a few oriented toward students, retired or disabled persons. Check out what train operators in your region have on offer for you, estimate how often you will travel and if you generate savings, then it is buying time.

RedSpottedHanky has a rail ticket form right on its homepage and your hunt for the cheapest fare will be eased by ticking the "cheap only" option. Buying with them automatically includes you into the loyalty scheme which gives you a point for each £1 spent with them. Do not forget to claim your points before the end of each calendar year because they are not transferred onto the next.

TheTrainLine offers you not only rail tickets but also all related services a rail traveller might need. You can find and book a hotel in the vicinity of your destination or hire a car to do your chores swiftly and independently.

mytrainpal has extensive information about all issues related to rail ticket. Inquire and rest assured that you buy the best at the most affordable price.

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