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A guide to tracking down Cheap Flights

In recent years the average price of flights throughout the world have seen a relative decrease when compared to prices of a decade ago. Tthat said however they still account for a significant portion of the average cost of a a holiday. Additionally, for the frequent business traveller the ongoing costs of regular flights can easily reach into the thousands, if not the tens of thousands each and every year. With all of this in mind it pays to be aware of the simple tips and tricks of tracking down cheap flights and in this guide we tell you exactly what they are.

How to find cheap flights

Using flight comparison websites

Flight comparison websites should be your first port of call in tracking down a cheap air fare. That said however there are two main forms of flight (and consequentially these websites will be more suitable to one than the other). These two forms are schedule flights (where you fly with a well-known airline) and charter flights (which are used by holiday companies for their customers).

If you’re looking to fly to a popular package holiday destination then choose a flight comparison website that is specifically targeted towards cheap charter flights. All other destinations outside of such regions should then see you using comparison websites for scheduled flights. Our advice is to book directly with the airline company, as their agents prices are bit higher. We have heard that Tuesday is a good day as prices are lower but haven't tried it personally.

Book early!

Buying a cheap flight ticket is the complete opposite of hunting down a cheap holiday in that it pays to book early. The later you leave it the more of a premium is added to the seats. It is recommended to book 3 to 4 weeks earlier for domestic flights, and 7 weeks prior your date of departure for international flights and airlines. You will encounter ever more significant price hikes if your destination is popular for business trips as business travellers will pay higher prices than the average person for a late booked seat on an essential flight to a meeting.

Using complete travel comparison websites

Just as flight comparison websites can search hundreds of company’s databases in a matter of seconds, complete travel comparison websites can search companies across multiple industries (such as hotels, flights and connecting travel). This can certainly help cut down the cost of connecting transportation, however bear in mind the previous point in relation to booking your flights early and your hotel late.

Cheap flights for long hauls

Similarly to the price comparison engines for chartered and scheduled flights there are also websites designed specifically for long haul flights. Additionally however when flying long haul you can benefit from using flight brokers, as they have far more flexibility in the discounts that they can offer when booking your accommodation and flight together.

Cheap flights for the frequent traveller

An often mentioned possibility for those looking to save on the costs of flights is ‘Frequent Flyer Cards’, which are, in effect, credit cards upon which your purchased items count towards a loyalty flying point balance. As with many credit card benefits this solution can save you money if, and only if, you pay off the balance each and every month so as to avoid paying any interest.

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