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Cat Insurance: Making it safe for your cat with cat insurance

Cats are lovely purring creatures which by way of self-indulgence indulge you with a soft caress or tuck or mesmerise you off your daily problems with their joyful hunt-resembling play. While they say they have nine lives, relying on this might play you a nasty trick. Whether a fall or theft or any injury or accident, all these are potentialities which might not only hurt your little fluffy friend but can also damage your finances. Avoiding this inauspicious prospect is simple: just get your cat insurance.

Decide on the scope

You have to first establish how comprehensive the cat cover should be. Will it be just vet's fees or also theft, accident or straying? Concerning vet's fees, which are part of any standard package, you have to also determine how big the cover, up to £3,000, £6,000 or even more. Please note that these caps are for a single condition extending over a 12-month period.

Annually or monthly

Next, you have to decide how you would be paying for your cover. While you can pay less overall if you pay in one-off annual payment, phasing it out with monthly instalments can make your cat cover look like a trifle to your budget. Usually, cats' insurance costs about £4 to £6 a month.

What details

A few details are necessary before you get your cat insurance quote. Apart from your details (name, date of birth, address of owner), you have to specify the cat's name, sex, age, whether your cat has been neutered or sprayed, or yet microchipped, if it has been vaccinated. These all will create a profile for your pet which will then be compared with peer cats before coming up with a realistic quote.

At what age to insure your cat?

It is recommended to insure your cat when it is 6-8 week to avoid rejection for pre-existing conditions from the insurance provider. It is not necessary to know the exact diagnose, but should inform your insurer for any symptoms, illness or injury of your cat before enrolling the policy.


Argos Pet Insurance has an extensive list with cover levels for you to scrutinise and select. This insurer offers both monthly and annual covers and has a cover for any cat aged from 8 weeks onwards.

Tesco Bank has a club whose members can enjoy up to a 30% discount off their insurance in year 1. It also has a 24-hour vetphone helpline. If you wish to insure several pets at a time, each extra pet will cost you 10% less.

At Direct Line, you get access to three types of helplines: find-a-vet, legal advice and bereavement. This insurer has conveniently divided its essential cover and its extras so that you can know what you can do without.

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