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Things to consider for your car rental deal

Whether you’re off on your holidays and are looking for a car to use to travel around your destination, or are just hiring a car because yours is temporarily out of action, finding the best car hire deal shouldn’t be a chore. In this guide we look at the things you should consider when looking for a car rental deal.

How does car rental work?

When you rent a car, it will be for a set amount of time and you will collect it from the same place you return it (although some can make arrangements for the return of the car to an alternative location). The price for hiring a car is per day, but if you need it for a longer time you can negotiate and get discount. So it is always a good idea to look around and try to find the best deal to save some money knowing when and for how long exactly you intend to drive.

Book early and make a saving

Not only does booking early mean that you can be safe in the knowledge that your essential car hire is arranged, but it can additionally mean that you get a discount. What’s more, because cancellations don’t incur a charge, should you change your mind you can cancel your car rental without penalty.

Things to bear in mind before you drive your car rental away

Generally your rental car will come with some petrol or diesel, but you must check how much before driving too far away from a petrol station.

Your car rental agreement will involve various terms in the case of damage to the vehicle; even a slight bump or scratch can see you paying a premium so it’s important to be sure that you’re insured. You should also take pictures of any damage that the vehicle is displaying prior to driving off; if possible, make the car rental company aware of any damage beforehand.

Things to remember when hiring a car abroad

If you’ve left your car hire until you’re abroad, you should ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the agreement. In addition to this you should ensure that you’re well versed on local driving regulations; this includes the informal rules of the local roads. Such rules involve the common driving characteristics of locals. Some places in the world are well known for their relatively crazy drivers, with cars going at excessive speeds that ignore all the official guidance on speed limits. Additionally you should be aware of local authorities and the way that may well deal with driving offences. In particular you should avoid drinking alcohol,/b> in any measure, as an unfamiliar vehicle will be challenging enough.

Renting a car can provide the ultimate convenience whether you’re facing transport problems or are looking to make the most out of your holiday. By taking good care of the vehicle, and ensuring you understand the terms and conditions attached to your car rental agreement, you can look forward to the utmost convenience without hidden charges.

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