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Hiring a car in Spain

Even if you go for a trip abroad, whether business or leisure, you can still enjoy the comfort of moving independently with the rental of a car. The case with Spain is no different. Car rental services have gone to such lengths that you can now have the same make and model, even age and colour as your own. What is more, you get it with all the mandatory insurances along with useful optionals such as theft cover. There are several points which you need to establish right from the outset:

What car

The first is to decide what car you'd like to ride. The rule is that the larger and newer the car, the more expensive the ride. Besides, if you are to run long distances, the fuel consumption rate of your hired vehicle would also be of importance. If full of luggage, then a combi coupe would be the car of choice. If travelling alone, then the compact models or two-seaters might be just what you need.

What route

A thing car rental companies are interested in is the starting and end point of your journey, site within the city included. While your itinerary might be subject to changes until the very start of your journey, point of arrival and destination must be clearly defined as at the time of booking your car.

What period and early calls

Another important issue is to know what your period of travel is. All quotes and bookings must be made by specifying an exact period of hire. If you know that well in advance, you can strike a great deal by hiring early. Like with holidays and air fares, the earlier you book the lower price you are to pay.

The following are needed to rent a car in Spain:

- Valid passport;

- To be over the age of 21;

- Valid driving licence. For non EU drivers an International Driver’s Permit is needed;

- Credit card.

Auto Europe works with all reputed car rental companies in Spain. Its quick-to-fill form requires you to enter your pickup country, city and location, a pickup and dropoff date and the driver's age and off you go for several quotes you can choose from.

With Argus Car Hire, you also get top deals and the opportunity to set off from tens of dozens of locations countrywide. Review the extensive list and enjoy pickup and dropoff from any place of your liking.

At Rentalcars.com, you get quick and quality service at a reasonable price. During your search, you will have the opportunity to see the entire car park on offer, the insurances available with it and much more before taking the final decision.

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