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A business owner’s guide to business gas

Businesses are increasingly finding that energy bills continue to increase month on month. Never have energy prices been so high and with such charges businesses can find that such outgoings are enough to significantly damage a business’ finances. With this in mind we aim to talk you through the ways in which you can make a saving and how you can get a better deal when choosing a business gas deal.

Getting the best deal on business gas

Starting with comparison websites

You should start your search for a cheaper business gas deal with a comparison website. Here you’d be able to view what suppliers are offering side by side. You should be sure to have your exact usage to hand however as the deals shown will only be applicable based on exact data. You should additionally remember to check the small print before choosing and switching to another supplier. It is important to know what tariff plan you are using. Of it is a fixed rate plan you will have to pay an exit fee when switching to a new supplier.

Calling gas suppliers directly

Whilst comparison websites feature the majority of gas supply companies there are those who choose not to use them. For this reason you should call the remaining suppliers directly to get a quote as very often the best deals may be found outside of comparison websites.

Negotiating with gas suppliers

If you use a considerable amount of gas then you should call suppliers to try and negotiate a better rate. This buying power power is not to be underestimated and very often suppliers reduce rates in order to either win or keep your business. Bear in mind that business tariffs are not cheaper than domestic and there are 20% VAT on to the bill while the VAT for domestic customers is only 5%.

Considering gas and electricity duel deals

When gathering quotes you should ensure you get an idea of the monthly price difference if you were to bundle your electricity and gas together. Similarly, if you already bundle your energy needs together you should get quotes with the supplies separate. There’s no one size fits all with energy use so keeping your options open to either solution is essential until you have exact quotes.

Factors to consider when choosing your business gas deal

Reducing your usage

Reducing the amount of gas you use should be considered as essential in reducing your energy bills. Frequently businesses may find that staff are relatively liberal with energy use so staff training can play an important role in reducing the amount of gas a business uses.

Checking your bills are correct

All too often consumers neglect to check their energy bills as they assume that energy companies have robust measures to ensure bills are correct. There is however always the possibility that your energy meters aren’t functioning correctly, so track your usage as far as possible and check bills as and when they come through. If you think that you’re being overcharged then contact your supplier and ask them to check your meter.

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