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A buyer’s guide to business electricity

Energy bills are one of the biggest outgoings a business faces. With charges that have seemingly increased tenfold in as many years it makes sense that a business should place importance on finding the best deal and ensuring that their business electricity charges are as low as possible. With this in mind, this guide aims to talk you through the process of finding the best deal for your business electricity and the factors you should consider when choosing a deal that’s right for your company.

Getting the best deal on business electricity

Using comparison websites

Energy comparison websites should be your first port of call in your hunt for a cheapest business electricity deal. You should ensure however that you’re using exact usage totals when entering your data as the prices quoted are only valid when working with precise information.

Calling a supplier directly

Whilst comparison websites should be a great place to start you shouldn’t overlook contacting suppliers directly. You may well be able to negotiate a better deal if you use a significant amount of electricity. As well as this, not all energy companies will appear on comparison websites so you should find out who these are and get a quote from them either through their website or over the phone.

Coupling gas with electricity

When searching out an electricity deal you should consider whether it would be cheaper to bundle your energy needs together. Very often companies offer significant discounts for those that choose to use them for both supplies, so be sure to get a quote on a duel deal and compare it to what you’re paying on gas and electricity separately.

Factors to consider when choosing your business electricity deal

Keeping your usage down

Keeping your usage down should be considered as an additional way of achieving lower bills. If you have staff members then be sure to brief them on the ways in which energy can be saved.

Checking your bills

Checking your bills is essential if you’re to ensure you’re not paying over the odds for your electricity use. Be sure to keep a record of your meter readings and check them against your bills each and every time. Should you find any discrepancies then you should contact your provider and ask them to check your meters are functioning correctly.

Not always business electricity rates are higher than domestic ones as they depend on your energy consumption. But Vat has a huge importance as for business customers it is 20% while it is 5% for domestic customers.

Becoming more energy efficient

Becoming more energy efficient should see you switching over to energy saving light bulbs and using an energy analyser that tells you in real time what items on your premises are using the most electricity. There may be grants available in your area for tasks such as insulation, so check with your local authority to see what, if anything, you may be eligible for.

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