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Broadband: Hunting for broadband deals

Yes, it is true. I have fallen easy prey to Internet... And have willingly done so... And my observations and from what friends and acquaintances say, I am not the only one. But so long with the prey tale because all else that goes along with Internet, I have got it under control. Broadband, that mainstream vehicle of Internet, is an important aspect to that end and this is what I will focus on here.

After some research, I figured that quality broadband has to have the right safety, download and browsing parameters. There are also bundling options to mind and, last but not least, there are price considerations.

Safety concerns

In an age when people grow increasingly wary of identity theft, spyware and all sorts of malware, I decided that the first most important thing was to find broadband which has embedded firewall and anti-virus software. The good news is that the bulk of UK's reputed providers have offers with safety as a key feature. You will easily recognise them as they have the words "safe", "safety" in the very product name.

Download and browsing speed

An important distinction among providers' individual offers is speed. Naturally, the faster your broadband and the larger the download volumes, the more you should be prepared to pay. Yet keep in mind that there is little difference in the charge between top speed + unlimited download and the ones with slightly inferior parameters so it might be worth going for the uncapped offers.

Bundling options

Since broadband, TV and phone services arrive through a single cable, it is difficult to fathom providers offering no bundle options whatsoever. There are many indeed, on the one hand the alternatives being either two of the three or all three in one. The second point of differentiation is variation of the parameters of each one of the services.

At TalkTalk, you can find a detailed description of the main broadband packages and all related parameters. You can also find tentative download speed for its three main packages for films, tracks, TV programmes, among others.

With Sky Broadband, you have only fibre optic broadband on offer. As an add-on, you can be included in a Wi-Fi cloud. This means that whenever you get outside your home, you can have Internet wherever Sky has hotspots and Sky has many.

With uSwitch you can compare and contrast the offers of all providers for broadband with or without a phone line. The choice is yours.

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