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A buyer’s guide to broadband, TV and phone

If you’re looking for a broadband, TV and phone deal then there are plenty of factors that you’ll need to consider before entering into contract. Choosing the best broadband, TV and phone deal is not only determined by the price factor and finding the right plan for your needs could be very confusing too.

Saving on your broadband, TV and phone deal

By choosing to go for a bundle deal you will save on your overall bill, as providers offer cheaper prices when combining all 3 services. Here are few more tips to follow so you can save even more on your package deal.

Using price comparison websites

Your first port of call when looking for a broadband, TV and phone deal should be a price comparison website. Here you’ll be able to compare what each and every provider offers side by side. You should bear in mind however that you should check the fine print before taking out a legally binding contract (which will inevitably be of 12 ot 24 months).

TV: Full package versus one off purchases

There are plenty of things that you may want to watch from time to time, from sports events to movies. If you find that you frequently purchase these one off items then you should consider purchasing a full TV package.

Broadband: checking speed

When choosing a broadband provider you should find out about how good a reputation they have in providing the speeds that they state. In recent years there has been a spotlight put onto companies stating that they’ll provide a set speed, only for consumers to find that their internet connection never reaches the speed stated. The best way to find out about the reliability of a broadband provider is by checking consumer review websites. Here you’ll also be able to find out about network outages.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a broadband, TV and phone deal

Phone: Minutes allowance

When looking at the phone element of bundled packages you’ll notice that the majority offer free minutes. These are provided on a monthly basis and can’t be rolled over if you have spare left in any one month. When viewing how many minutes are included within a package take care to find out when you can use the minutes and what numbers you can call (for example, some will be cross network whereas others will be landlines only).

Broadband: Internet data allowance

When choosing your broadband you need to look at what internet data allowance the deal includes. If you go over the allotted amount you’ll be paying by GigaByte and such charges can prove to be significant, landing you with a hefty bill out of the blue. Additionally you may find that some deals provide a higher data allowance but only a limited number of minutes for your phone. In this instance you should see if the provider has any ‘add on’ packages so you can avoid going over your minute allowance.

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