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Broadband No Phoneline: Getting broadband without a phone line

Recently, I decided to do away with my landline connection. Conducting almost 100% of my voice calls via my mobile phone, I needed it no more, nor the subscription charges and charges per call that it brings. Yet I needed my broadband so I set out on a search for broadband without a phone line. Here is what my research showed. Internet can arrive by cable or in the form of mobile or satellite internet.


It is possible to get Internet by cable, and one that is superfast with unlimited data download allowance; however, be prepared to pay whatever Virgin Media has set as a price as it is the ONLY provider willing to offer broadband with no phone line attached. The only obstacle to enjoying cable broadband services could be that it is not available at your address. Check if Virgin Media operates in your area with a simple postcode check.

Cable broadband can be delivered through 2 types of connections - copper coaxial cable and fibre optic, as with the last one you get the fastest broadband speed.


There is, of course, the mobile option. With a dongle connected to your laptop or tablet, you can stay online from any point in the UK. However, that is a viable alternative only in case you need Internet for browsing and chatting only. Mobile connection is yet to become as fast as cable connection, its speed being 21 Mb at a time when cable transmits data at 100 Mb and more. It also usually comes with data download limitations; therefore, simply put off plans to watch quality video or movies online. At best, you can download them onto your computer before watching them.

Both 3 and O2 have good offers for you. 3 can deliver Internet via a dongle and a MiFi, the latter being almost twice as fast as the premium dongle it has on offer and, hence, somewhat more expensive. O2, for its part, has very good dongle-inclusive opportunities which can see you choosing between a monthly subscriptionfor 24 or 36 months plan or a top-up option. A nice feature of this provider is its calculator. Just in case you do not know how much data you would need per month, enter rough averages for the emails, photos and tracks and estimate your consumption.


And of course, do not forget to consider Internet dished by satellite. Although it is shy of the speed and download parameters of its cable counterparts and also less reliable, it still is an option for people residing in remote or rural areas. In the UK, there are three main providers in this market niche: Eutelsat, Astra and Tariam.

It is always a good option to see all "no phone line" options with uSwitch. This independent provider will come up with all going offers for the time being. Do not miss to read their quick guide into shopping for broadband without a phone line on the bottom part of the webpage.

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