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Automatic cars: Why better than manual cars?

Automatic cars were once only found in countries such as America, where they pretty much form 100% of the types of cars on the road. However increasingly, people are learning to drive in automatic cars from the start, or, in later life, where they find that they switch to automatic cars. In this guide we look at automatics versus manual cars, and what they each have to offer the car driver of today.


Because of their popularity, manual cars are cheaper to purchase, however for those that do their research, there are bargains to be had, and consumers can find automatic models that may be just as cheap as standard manual cars.If your budget is limited and you prefer driving an automatic car, consider buying used one as the price will be lower. Auto traders and dealers might offer you a great choice of good models on sale for cheaper price.

Operation (driving)

Manuals are obviously more difficult to drive; where automatics basically only require steering and operating the break and accelerator. This can cut down on the learning curve drastically, and even for drivers that have a lifetime of driving experience, they can provide a good alternative to manuals. This is because, as we grow older, our capacity to continually move gears becomes slower and more of a jaunt, for such a situation, automatics are perfect.

The range of models

Whilst manual cars are more readily available on the market, the automatic range of cars is growing. More and more models are added to mainstream brands each and every year.


Automatic cars can be more efficient than manual cars (depending on the way you drive). This means that an automatic car owner will benefit from decreased petrol bills, which is vital given the fact that petrol prices continue to increase on a yearly basis.

Other factors to consider

If you plump for one of the automatic cars on the market, then there are a few more things to bear in mind. For a starter, an automatic car requires practice, whilst it has less of a learning curve than its manual counterpart, the clutch operation does still take plenty of practice. However once you’ve got to grips with this element, driving an automatic car is a piece of cake.

An additional benefit of an automatic car is that they are perfect for those that do a lot of city driving, where continually moving up and down gears can be nothing short of infuriating.

Automatic cars are increasing in popularity, whether it is because of nervous first drivers, or drivers that have reached a certain age and are looking for an easier option to help them keep driving. The efficiency of such cars are also a reason why more and morecity drivers are taking up automatics. The increasing popularity of automatic cars means that they are seeing the range of options expand, and the price of models go down. Today, owning an automatic car is more beneficial than ever.

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